Welcome Message to Students

Chico State has a new General Education Program!  This website provides resources for students, faculty, staff, and others about the new GE Pathways Program.

Students, if you have already completed some of your GE requirements, the good news is that all of the GE courses you've completed will count in the new program. See the "For Students" link for more information. Academic Advising is hosting several workshops on "The New GE - What it Means for You" to answer questions such as:

  • I've already completed some GE courses - How will I know what GE I have left under the new program?
  • Can I earn one of the new interdisciplinary minors that are offered in GE?
  • What resources are available to help me choose the right GE courses for next semester?

Explore this website for more information about the GE Pathways program. For detailed information about the different interdisciplinary GE Pathway Minors, go to the GE Pathways website.  Welcome to the new GE Pathways Program!