Transitioning to a New GE Pathway

Welcome to the new GE Pathways Program!  If you are student who started at Chico State before Fall 2012, you have probably completed some of your GE requirements already.  The good news is that none of the course work you have completed in GE will be lost when the new GE Pathways program goes into effect in Fall 2012.  There are several issues related to transitioning to the new GE program you should know about:

  1. If you have taken the American Institutions courses: HIST 130 and POLS 155, these will fulfill one of your GE requirements in the Humanities (Areas C2 or C3) and one area in the Social Sciences (Area D) respectively – even though these were not formally in the GE program when you took them. 
  2. The new GE Pathways program includes required Writing Intensive (WI) courses and Capstone courses. See the main GE homepage for more information.  Students who enrolled before Fall 2012 are not required to fulfill the WI and Capstone requirements. However, students are encouraged to take WI and capstones for a richer GE experience. 
  3. If you have started your Upper Division GE Theme, be aware that some themes, and courses in them, are not in the new GE Pathways program. Consult Crosswalk Guide for a list of pre-approved course substitutions that will enable you to complete your upper division GE requirements based on your already-completed coursework in GE Upper Division Themes. 

Benefits of the GE Pathway Program

The new GE Pathways Program organizes general education courses into coherent areas of study, called Pathways.  See the main GE homepage for more information.  The Pathways program allows students to earn an interdisciplinary Pathway Minor simply be completing 18 units within a Pathway.  It may be possible for students who have completed some of their general education requirements to earn a minor without taking any additional courses.  The benefits of deciding to choose a GE Pathway and earn an interdisciplinary minor while completing GE are many.  GE Pathways have been created by groups of committed faculty members with a passion for their Pathway theme.  Classes in a Pathway contain shared thematic content, allowing you to learn about a subject deeply from multiple points of view.  Your Pathway minor will appear on your transcript upon graduation.

You will find it relatively easy to transition to a GE Pathway by visiting the Crosswalk Guide to see how classes you have taken in your Upper Division Theme translate into Pathway choices.  If you have not yet taken upper division GE courses, transitioning to a Pathway may be even easier!  Remember—to join a Pathway and earn a GE minor, you need six classes, three at the lower division level and three at the upper division level.  The many Pathway choices available to you are: