Interactive Mapping Project

Advanced Cartography students have created animated online map products under the direction of their instructor Steve Stewart. A static map was first produced in Adobe Illustrator to show the dispersion of a microorganism of their choice, such as a disease, pest, or beneficial yeast. Framed prints of the completed maps will be on display at the Gateway Science Museum until May 30, 2011. All maps were then animated using flash programming, viewable at the links below. This assignment required research into the history and spread of the chosen microorganism, plus many cartographic decisions affected the design of the map: color, line, projection, and title to name a few.

David Hugens, "Spread of Phytopthora ramorum: Sudden Oak Death in California"

Kirstyn Pittman, "The Curious Case of the English Sweating Sickness"

Matt Galdin, "Killer Bees Invade the North"

Deborah Dwight "White-Nose Syndrome"

Elisabeth Towers, "Pathogen Diffusion: Cheese Making throughout the Ages"

Robert Bruno, "Chronic Wasting Disease in Deer and Elk"

Curtis Page, "Body Odor"