Mobile Mapping Applications


Students enrolled in the Fall 2012 class titled “Web Maps and Apps” (Geog119B) created nine different mobile applications with a map as the centerpiece, partnering with Communication Design students in collaborative teams. Topics focused on local water issues, in response to the book in common Unquenchable by Robert Glennon. Students enrolled in Geog119B researched, gathered datasets, and created web maps, while Communication Design students contributed programming skills and design expertise. The apps were designed for viewing on the iPad, and several can be explored at the links below.

“Up the Creeks” by Daniel Lucero (GEOG) with Ashley Lee and Robert Sheridan (CDES)

“Chico Toxic Plumes” by Amy Lippus (GEOG) with Paige Burington and Ashleigh Speaker (CDES)

“Salmon Spotter” by Alyssa Caldwell (GEOG) with David Anaya and Megan Greene (CDES)

“Creeking It” by Maija Glasier-Lawson (ANTHRO) with Leza Ahrens and Rachel Westerhoff (CDES)