Rebekah Casey

Graduate student Rebekah Casey was awarded a $1,000 California Planning Foundation scholarship for the Sacramento Section of the CFP. CFP is affiliated with the California Chapter of the American Planning Association.

It provides scholarships and awards to university students who are pursuing planning as a degree or focus in a discipline. Rebekah will attend this year’s American Planning Association California conference in Rancho Mirage, where she will receive her award. Rebekah Casey is working on collaborative planning models for fire safety and environmental stewardship for her MA in Environmental Policy and Planning. She is currently Regional Development Officer at GRID Alternatives, a non-profit which aims to increase solar energy use among low income residents of California. Rebekah manages a full-range of fund development activities. Rebekah develops grant proposals and contracts for services, and establishes relationships between non-profit housing and service partners, government and private funders, individual donors and corporate sponsors.