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APCG 2017 ‘Field to Fork’ Banquet Dinner



Crisp Llano Seco guanciale with caramelized onion and Noble Orchard Apples

BBQ Pork Crostini with cracklins

Andouille Sausage crostini with local bell pepper jam

Baba ghanoush crostini (local Eggplant) with sorghum ‘popcorn’

Crisp Fried Thai Style Pork Ribs



Main Course - Buffet

Orecchiette with guanciale

Chinese style sticky pork belly

Chinese style roasted Tofu (vegan)

Cajun Style Dirty ‘Rice’ with pork liver and farro

Vegetable Fried Brown Rice - Organic (vegan)

Charbroiled local summer squash (vegan)

Smoked Pork Shoulder

Braising greens with bacon

Green salad - carrots, beets, tomato, Jacob’s Cattle beans, croutons  (vegan)