Interactive Storymaps

Geography students have created online map products with the assistance of Cathie Benjamin, the department’s Instructional Support Technician. Products from Groups 1 and 2 were funded by the National Science Foundation and by Student Learning Fees. The links in Group 3 point to geography graduate projects, and Group 4 maps were produced during an Advanced GIS class. In that class, each student partnered with a campus or community group to produce a focused map that would be linked online from the group’s website. For example, the “Nome Cult Interactive Map” showed the location of the Nome Cult Trail for the Department of Anthropology, and the “City of Chico Volunteer Site Locator” helped volunteers find their meeting places. All maps are viewable at the links below and will be hosted on the department’s GIS Server for two years after graduation as a portfolio example of each student’s work. This assignment required communication skills, GIS expertise, technical cartographic decisions, and some guided web programming using Notepad.

Interactive Storymaps

Chapmantown, Lisa McCandless, Prof LaDona Knigge, Prof Vince Ornelas:

Chico Arboretum Tour , Cathie Benjamin, Lyell Griswold, and Prof. Colleen Hatfield:

Jonas Chanh, “How Far Do CSU Chico Students Travel” at

Sarah Deal, “Sightings Dead & Alive 2014” at 

Maryssa Fraley, “Large Animals: Domestic, Livestock & Wild” at

Rebecca Mangin, “Evaluation of Domestic vs Nondomestic Mammals” at

Dexter Nelson, “Animal Behavior Times“ at

Eric Scovel, “2014 Sightings: Dead or Alive!” at

Comparison of case study at Rapid Run Creek Cincinnati, Ohio, Shayla Ramos:


Group 1 (National Science Foundation Grant):

Group 2 (Student Learning Fee Student Assistants):

Kirstyn Pittman, This Way to Sustainability VII,

Neil Church, Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve,

Matt Weber, Butte Creek Ecological Preserve,

Kirstyn Pittman, Altacal Audubon Christmas Bird Count,

Group 3 (Graduates):

Matt Weber for his thesis titled “Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Surgery in California 2010” at

Heidi Ogle for her thesis titled "Chico Historical GIS"

Group 4 (Advanced GIS):

Ryan Ford for the “Nome Cult Trail Interactive Map” at

Rick Helgerson for “City of Chico Volunteer Site Locator” at

Amy Lippus for “Chaffin Family Orchards“ at

Henry Schleiger for the “Saw-whet owl project” at

Chad Shook for the “California Urban Streams Alliance—The Stream Team” at

Mark Richerson for “Big Chico Creek Watershed Alliance” at

Buck Osegueda for “Friends of Bidwell Park” at

Kirstyn Pittman for master’s thesis titled “Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Surgery” at

John Davis for “Barry Kirshner Wildlife Foundation” at