Scholarships & Awards

2014 BSS Student Awards

On-Campus Opportunities

The department has four scholarships specifically awarded to Geography and Planning students each year. These are the Robert Erving, Professor Lantis, Leland Meuter, and the Professor Trussell Scholarships. Amounts of these awards and scholarships range from about $500 to as much as $3,000. A few teaching assitantships are available each year for graduate students, as well.

To be eligible for any scholarships, a student must fill out an application with the University Financial Aid and Scholarship office.

Robert and Bobbé Christopherson Geosystems Award in Climate Change

The Robert and Bobbé Christopherson Award is available to undergraduate Geography students in the Physical/Environmental or Human/Planning options. To be considered, students should complete a GIS project, research paper, or map on an aspect of applied geospatial environmental studies, including climate change and sustainability, presenting work in a public forum (such as the BSS Student Research Symposium or California Geographical Society conference). The award recognizes the top two student papers, maps, or projects. Students are to submit their paper, project, or map (or advanced draft) to advisor, professor, or department chair by April 3rd, 2017 in digital and hard copy.

Dustin Granville Memorial Scholarship

The Dustin Granville Memorial Scholarship is awarded once a year to an outstanding geography major who has a sincere interest in sustainability and is involved in sustainable/environmental efforts on campus or in the community.  This scholarship was established by family and friends who wish to remember and honor Dustin by providing support to Geography and Planning students at California State University, Chico.

Erving Memorial Scholarship

The Robert Russell Erving Scholarship is awarded once a year to an outstanding graduate student. This award remembers a favorite and accomplished graduate student who died tragically at an early age. The award is given to support fieldwork being conducted as part of a master's thesis.

Lantis Scholarship

The David W. Lantis Geography Scholarship is awarded annually to the outstanding CSU, Chico geography senior. Professor Lantis was a founding member of the department and a major figure in the geography of California.

Meuter/Swor Memorial Award

The Meuter/Swor Award is given once a year to a student at any level, undergraduate or graduate, who has demonstrated both excellence in academic work and who has also helped the Department and the discipline of geography through leadership in student or community organizations and extra-curricular activities.

Trussell Scholarship

The Margaret Trussell Scholarship remembers a pioneering woman who was a faculty member of our department. The award is given to an outstanding and involved geography student.

Geography and Planning Outstanding Student

Recognition for singular or cumulative academic, extra-curricular activity and/or participation in geography. This award can be given to the following categories of undergraduate students:

  • Overall Outstanding Geography and Planning Student
  • Outstanding Student in Human Geography and Planning Option
  • Outstanding Student in Physical and Environmental Geography Option
  • Outstanding Student in GIS Technology Certificate
  • Outstanding Student in Rural and Town Planning Certificate

Gamma Theta Upsilon, International Geographical Honor Society (by invitation)

Completed a minimum of three semesters and three geography classes; greater than 3.0 geography GPA and greater than 3.0 overall GPA. Graduate students must have greater than 3.3 geography and overall GPAs.

Off-Campus Opportunities

Consider off-campus opportunities. Scholarships or awards are often offered by professional groups in order to support the budding careers of deserving students.