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Students stage 'oil spill' to push Chico State away from fossil fuels

Recently, Mark Stemen and students in his Environmental Thought in Action class have been staging some pretty elaborate demonstrations to attract attention to their overall cause of getting the university to divest of their stocks in fossil fuel companies.

Below is a picture of Butte Hall with large orange squares announcing the goal they hope to reach with Chico State. 

To read an article about the mock "oil spill" they staged, click here.

Butte Hall with

Geography Students in the News!

In Monday, April 7th's edition of the Chico Enterprise Record Pam Figge's GEOG 428 class can be found in an article about their survey of Caper Acres park.  See photos below:

GEOG 428 class article in the Chico ERGEOG 428 class picture

Bizarre Map Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Sarah Bergquist on being a finalist in the Bizarre Map Challenge, a nationwide map design challenge!

To see the winning map and read more about it click here.

"A California Tragedy"

Amy Lippus' award-winning interactive map about the travels and tragedy of the Donner-Reed Party has been featured on National Geographic's website!  This map and its creator were the winners of the 2013 CaGIS Woodward Electronic Map Award last year.  To see it on follow the link below:

Chico Farmers Markets 2030 Vision

Dr. Mark Stemen’s GEOG 498 class focused on post-peak oil food security. The goal of their community service project in geography was to create a typical chapter for the Chico 2030 General Plan expressly focused on the Chico Farmers Markets. The descriptions are general and they illustrate what the Chico Farmers Markets could look like in the future.  In the Chico 2030 General Plan, most chapters have a section on Vision, Trends, and Considerations (replicated in these panels) followed by a series of policies and actions that are intended to ensure the vision becomes a reality.

In November the class held a public charette at the Saturday Farmers Market in downtown Chico to discuss the ideas with the public, farmers and city officials. This project is being supported by the City of Chico Planning Department and the Chico Certified Farmers Market Board of Directors.

Click here for the study.

Here are pictures:

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

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Picture 7

Picture 8


Ms. Heidi Marie Ogle was selected by California State University, Chico as the Outstanding Graduate Project Winner for 2012-2013!

Ms. Ogle graduated  from CSU Chico with of Bachelor of Arts in History and American Studies in 2005 and completed a Certificate in Geographic Information Systems Technology in 2006.  She worked in various capacities as cultural resource GIS specialist for the City of Chico, Davis-King & Associates, and the National Park Service while completing a master’s degree in Geography. Her master’s project  is an historical Geographic Information System (GIS) interactive website of the south campus area located at This project will remain on a CSU Chico server as a resource and a research tool for the public.

Heidi Ogle