Highlighted Courses

Fall 2013 Course Highlights


Renewable Energy and the Environment
(GEOS 490-01) is an experimental course designed to investigate the interaction of renewable energy, the environmental impacts of such, and the role played in global climate change. The course will be a combination of lecture and student conducted seminars. It is anticipated that guest speakers on a variety of topics will also be included.

Wetland Environments
(GEOS 490-02) is an interdisciplinary overview of physical, biological and cultural aspects of wetlands.  Students will become familiar with definitions, classifications, origins, and natural processes of wetland environments.  We will begin with a global perspective, examining wetland environments in boreal, temperate, and tropical climatic settings, then focus on North American and Californian wetlands.  Human impacts and management of wetland resources will also be emphasized.  Students will be required to present current research summaries on topics relevant to California wetlands.  Three credit hours: lectures, exercises and field trips.

Spring 2013 Course Highlights

Glacial Geology
Glacial Geology (GEOS 490-01) Topics Include: Flow Mechanisms, Landforms, and Glacial Hazards.

Limnology (GEOS 490-02) Topics Include: The Life Cycle of a Lake, Where Lakes form and Why, Nutrient Cycling and Water Chemistry, and Paleolimnology.