GASS Spring 2014

Check back in the fall for next semester's speakers!

GASS Spring 2014 Schedule

The Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences and The Association of Geology and Environmental Students present GASS (GEOS/AGES Seminar Series) on Tuesdays @ 5 pm.

February 25

     Rachel Teasdale    
     Associate Professor, CSU Chico Department of Geological and
     Environmental Sciences
     "Crystallization of Basaltic Lava Flows from Hawaii and the 
Galápagos Islands to the Lab: The Role of Groundmass Crystals
     in Lava Flow Emplacement"

March 4

     Carol Dehler
     Geologist, USU Department of Geology
     "Secrets and Curses of Proterozoic Strata in Death Valley,

Mar 11

     Corey Lawrence
     USGS Research Geologist, National Research Program Western Branch
     in Menlo Park, California
     "Thresholds of Soil Development and Carbon Cycling"

Mar 25

     Carl Hauge
     Former Chief Hydrogeologist, Department of Water Resources
     "Groundwater - Past, Present and Future"

Apr 8      

      Jason Emmons       
     Graduate Student, UC Davis Department of Land, Air
     and Water Resources
    "Quantifying the Restorable Water Volume of Sierran Meadows"

Apr 22    

       Shane Cummings
       Chico Operations/Engineering Geologist at Holdrege & Kull
       "Tips on Becoming a Professional Geologist"

May 6     

       Andrew Gray            
       Graduate Student, UC Davis Department of Land, Air
       and Water Resources
       "Watershed scale controls on the suspended sediment dynamics
       of small arid rivers"