Research Labs

The department maintains several laboratories devoted to research support.

CWE Labs

The Center for Water and the Environment facility contains a new analytical chemistry laboratory that supports instrumental analyses of organic compounds (gas chromatography), inorganic compounds (high-resolution spectrophotometry), and organic carbon content in soil and water. Plant and insect studies are supported by multiple dissecting microscopes. More information about this lab.

Geophysics Lab

A variety of field geophysical equipment is maintained and supported through this lab, including surface geophysics (electrical resistivity, seismic reflection and refraction, and ground penetrating radar [GPR]) and borehole geophysics tools.

Hydrology Remote Sensing Lab

This research computational lab supports geographic information systems and remote sensing research focused on watersheds and groundwater basins. Equipment includes large format scanners and digitizers.

Petrography Lab

This lab serves as the main center for microscopic analysis, photography, and microsampling.  In addition to several type of transmissive, petrographic, relective, stereo, and luminescent microscopes, a drilling station is established for removal of rock powders for isotopic analysis.  More information about this lab.

Rock and Sediment Preparation Lab

Rock samples can be cut, polished, and thin-sectioned in this lab. Sediment analyses are supported through mechanical shakers, balances, and drying ovens.

Tectonics and Sedimentation Lab

This lab supports basin analysis tools including a petrographic microscope with full digital photographic capabilities and a high-end seismic workstation (HP xw8400 workstation: dual Xeon processors, 3.00 GHz, 16GB RAM, 1GB graphics video card) with two 30" LCD monitors. The workstation will be used mainly for seismic-related software awarded by Landmark Graphics Corporation (e.g. OpenWorks, SeisWorks, GeoProbe, etc.). More information about this lab.