Petrography Lab

The petrography lab is currently housed in Physical Sciences Room 227.  As of this writing, the inventory includes: 1) Olympus BX-51 research-grade polarizing microscope with dual nose piece for both low and high magnification; 2) Nikon Labophot transmissive microscope with a Reliotron Cathodoluminescence vacuum chamber; and 3) a Wild stereo microcope.  
The Olympus is mounted with a high-quality digital camera running Olympus Stream image analysis software and the Lapophot utilizes as PaxCam 2.0 MB camera for capturing luminescence.

There is also dedicated lab space for sample drilling to obtain powders for isotopic analysis.  The lab station includes a Dremel rotary drill, ultrasonic cleaner, and microgram scales.

For more information, please contact Dr. Russell Shapiro