MS Thesis Projects

Graduate students in the geosciences and environmental sciences MS programs complete a significant research project and MS thesis on a wide variety of topics.

Abstracts from these projects are available below:




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1970 Coggins Hydrology of Willow Creek, Lassen County, California GB1227 W5 C6          
Enderlin The Origin of Feather Falls, Butte County, California GB 1427 F4 E5           
1974 Ryley Hydrology and Geochemistry of Big Chico Creek GB1027 B5 R9
1975 Hilton The Geology of the Ingot - Round Mountain Area Shasta County, California QE 90 S49 H55
1976 Craig Hydrology and Water Quality of the Colusa Basin Drainage System TD224 C3 C73
1977 Burson A Quantitative Assessment of Biologically Enhanced Adsorption on Granular Activated Carbon TP 245 C4 B87
Dykes Interrelationships of Outdoor Education with Art and Science LB1047 D94
1979 Golden A Site Feasibility Study for a 1,600 Megawatt Coal-fired Power Plant in Sierra Valley, California TD 195 E4 G65
1980 More The Geology and Mineralization of the Antler Mine and Vicinity, Mohave County, Arizona
1981 Stefani Energy, Economics and Environmental Analysis within the Developing World HD9502 A2 S73
Wosika Hydrologic Properties of One Major and Two Minor Soil Series of the Coast Ranges of Northern California
1982 Aflakian The Use of Shallow, Electrical Resistivity Techniques in Groundwater Exploration Investigations GB1197.6 A45
Humphrey Pore Pressure in Debris Failure Initiation
Porter Lead Contamination of Recent Sediments at Lavic Lake, California by Fallout from Los Angeles, California QH545 L4 P67
1983 McCarty Structural Geology and Petrography of Part of the Vadito Group, Picuris Mountains, New Mexico
Schmid The Geology and Vein Mineralization of Cedar Valley, East-central Hualapai Mountains, Mohave County, Arizona
1984 Peterson Hydrogeologic Investigations for Ground Water Resources in Complex Metamorphic Terrain GB1025 C2 P47 1984
1985 Park Subsurface Flow Modelling by the Kinematic Cascade
1986 Kamara A Hydrogeochemical Comparison of Aquifer Systems in the Chico Area, Butte County, California GB1025 C2 C256 1986
1987 Murphy The Photodegadation of Nitrophenols QD341 N8 M87 1987
1989 Bechard Ground-water Transport of Perchloroethylene Beneath Chico, California TD225 C44 B43 1989
Brown Sedimentology, Petrography, and Depositional Environment of the Diamond Peak (Tonka) Formation. Carlin Canyon, Elko County, Nevada QE138 D43 B76 1989
1990 Balasek Gravel Filtration as an Alternative to Fish Screens SH157.85 F54 B35 1990
Crowe Hydrologic and Hydrogeologic Factors Controlling Acid Mine Drainage at Iron Mountain Mine, Shasta Couty, California TD224 C3 C76 1990
1991 Dry Hydrochemical Facies in the Nothern Portion of the Sacramento Valley TD224 C3 D79 1991
Ehorn The Physical and Chemical Properties of Hyrdostratigraphic Units within the Big Chico Creek Fan GB1027 B5 E56 1991
McMurtry Factors Influencing Feldspathic Groundwater Chemistry in the Concow and Cohasset Areas of Northern California TD224 C3 M25 1991
Rowe A Study of Ground Water QUality and Levels in Fractured Rock, Butte County, California GV1025 C2 R68 1991
Shattuck Shallow Water-Table Response to Precipitation and Evapotranspiration in an Ephemeral Stream Valley, Woodstock, New Hampshire
Stresky Morphology and Flow Characteristics of Pipes in a Forested New England Hillslope
1992 Jackson The Effect of Upwind Orographic Barriers on the Distribution of Snow Water Equivalent on the Mammoth Creek Watershed QC993.6 J22 1992
McCarter A New Look at the Chico Urban Heat Island QC981.7 U7 M22 1992
Moser Instrumentation to Measure the Effects of Subsurface Flow by Road-cut Interception on Storm Flow in a Natural Channel TD403 M67 1992
1993 Groarke Control of the Central Valley Project - A California Water Dilemma TC424 C2 G76 1993
Killingsworth Mobilization and Uptake into the Aquatic Ecosystem of Waste, Metallic Mercury from Historical Gold-mining Operations in the Sierra Nevada of California QH545 M4 K55 1993
McManus Ground Water Resource Evaluation of the West-side Upland Area - Sacramento Valley, California TD224 C3 M22 1993
Slota Bioremediation of an Oil Contaminated Clay Soil TD192.5 S76 1993
1994 Cedarholm Diminant Soil Water Pathways on a Northern New England Forested Hillslope TD192.5 S76 1993
1995 Blackman An Investigation of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Limitation on Algal Growth at Paradise Reservoir, California QC6 B53 1995
Brenizer Primary Source of Turbidity for a Northern California Water Supply Reservoir QC6 B74 1995
Clementsen Discrepant Chemistry of Contaminant Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Analyses QC6 C54 1995
Smith A Water Resources Evaluation for Shasta Valley, Siskiyou Couty, California QC6 S65 1995
1996 Fitzgerald Residence Time of Groundwater Issuing from the South Rim Aquifer in the Eastern Grand Canyon
1999 Black Bioremediation of a Toxaphene Contaminated Soil QE26.2 B52 1999
2000 Fitzmyers A Study of Solute Transport Processes in Surface and Ground Water of Big Chico Creek, California QE26.2 F59 2000
Lane Hydrochemical Characteristics of the Gunung Buda Region, Sarawak, Malaysia QE26.2 L36 2000
Staton Permeability of the Cortina Formation in the Western Sacramento Valley, California QE26.2 S73 2000
Van Glider Geologic and Seismic Hazard Assessment of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park QE26.2 V364 2000
2002 Dunbar Aquifer Performance Testing in the Deer Creek Irrigation District - Sacramento Valley, California QE26.2 D86 2002
Keer Characterization of Hyporheic Processes in an Urban Stream QE26.2 K47 2002
Richmond Geology of the Guenoc Ranch and Hydrogeology of the Tephra Ridge Springs, Lake and Napa Counties, California QE26.2 R534 2002
Snowden Hydrologic Alterations to the Sacramento River and the Effects on Cottonwood Seedlings QE26.2 S66 2002
Steinbuck The Influence of Tree Morphology on Stemflow in a Redwood Region Second-Growth Forest QH307.2 S74 2002
2004 deArth Fourier, Power Spectrum, and Cross-correlation Analysis of Hydrograph Data of Selected Mekong Basin River Gauging Stations QE26.2 D42 2004
Menard Flow Modeling in a Matrix of Spheres QE26.2 M47 2004
2005 Morgan Hydrological and Physiological Factors Controlling Fremont Cottonwood Seedling Establishment Along the Sacramento River, California QE26.2 .M643 2005
2006 DeMucha Lithostratigrpahic and Structural Controls of Canyon Morphology, Bog Chico Creek, California QE26.2 .D46 2006
Greco Putting Science Education First - An Alternative Approach to State Interventions AZ111 .G74 2006
Lasher A Study of the Subsurface Movement of Diazinon Using Lysimeters within the Shallow Vadose Zone QE26.2 .L37 2006
Manwill Assessing Toxicity and Interaction in a Mixture of Urban Storm Water Contaminants - Phenanthrene, Esfenvalerate, and Copper QE26.2 .M36 2006
Newman Prodigious! A Teaching Supplement for October Sky AZ111 .N49 2006
Sheffield Bioaccumulation of Organic Selenium in the Common Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis) in a Laboratory Setting QE26.2 .S54 2006
Skartvedt-Forte Hydrostratigraphic Framework of the Butte Basin, Northern Sacramento Valley, Chico Area, California QE26.2 .S55 2006
2007 Peek Analysis of Student Usage of a Course Website AZ111 .P445 2007
2008 Furuuchi Estimating Plant Canopy Transpiration by Remote Sensing Under Natural Condition QE26.2 .F878 2008
McCeary Assessment of Orchard Soil Infiltration Rates - Sacramento Valley, California QE26.2 .F878 2008
Sanchez Surface Water - Ground Water Interactions in Lower Butte Creek Canyon QE26.2 .M323 2008
Wilder Analysis of Riparian Shade and Air Temperature on Mean Daily Stream Temperatures for Select Klamath River Tributaries (Model Results and Management Implications) QE26.2 .W553 2008
2009 Street Regional Paleo-Tropographic Setting of the Lovejoy Basalt, Northern California

QE26.2 . S775 2009

Willard Temperature and Relative Humidity Gradients of Intermittent and Perennial Tributaries in Northern California 

Online Theses

2011 Davids Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Stream Restoration Efforts in Depleted Aquifer Systems 

Online Theses

2012 DeCarvalho Stream gauging, groundwater monitoring and isotopic analysis in Big Chico Creek, California Online Theses
2013 Soltero Geochemical relations between surface water and groundwater in Nevada County, California 

Online Theses

Bhardwaj A pilot vegetation monitoring study of restored coastal sage scrub at upper Newport Bay in Newport Beach, California Online Theses
Nepal Sediment and mercury loads and cources at Humbug Creek from Malakoff Diggins Online Theses
Perkins Geologic and hydrologic controls on spring, stream and ground water chemistry in the Big Chico Creek watershed and Butte Basin, California  Online Theses
Rai Assessing trout spawning habitat quality using sediment in the Bear River of California Online Theses
Bushway Quantitative Percent Exceedence: a simplified method for the analysis of water quality data; a case study for the South Yuba River Citizens League Online Theses
Cordes Assessment of polychloridated dibenzodioxins and polychlorinated bibenzofurans (PCDD/F) and Title 22 metals contamination on agrigultural land [electronic resource]: review and analysis of sampling plan  Online Theses
Gaunthier Chronic landsliding in Thomes Creek watershed, Tehama County, CA  Online Theses 
Kniel Efficient energy use consulting in the Bay Area for implementation of the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 Online Theses
Calo Sedimentary analysis of fire history and paleohydrology, Eagle Lake, California  Online Theses 
Curtis Ground water modeling to define vegetation roles and evaluate a planned restoration of a montane meadow Online Theses
Liggett Particle-size distribution analysis and sediment deposition on the pit floor at Malakoff Diffins State Historic Park  Online Theses
McCarthy Identification of microbial ecosystems in the stromatolites of the Biwabik Iron Romation (Paleoproterozoic Minnesota) using mineralogy and facies analysis  Online Theses
Hamada Evaluations of the Performance of a Cross-Correlation Algorithm for Wind Velocity Estimation Using Synthetic Backscatter Lidar Images and Velocity Fields Online Theses
Randall Observations of Microscale Gravity Waves in the Nocturnal Boundary Layer Above an Orchard Canopy by a Horizontally Scanning Lidar Online Theses