Curriculum and Course Offerings

The lower division sequence of courses (German 101 - 202) introduce the basic principles of the German language, build students’ communicative proficiency and cultural literacy. The faculty's student-centered approach to language learning helps students learn to express themselves in German with increasing accuracy and fluidity. Understanding and being able to communicate with other cultures is essential in a global economy. Learning another language helps promote tolerance, break down stereotypes, and foster positive attitudes across cultures. Exposure to a foreign language and culture also contributes greatly to students’ understanding of themselves and their own culture.

The upper division offerings in German represent a broad range of courses which are continually expanding in breadth. Students develop skills and knowledge which are diverse enough to be broadly applicable, but which are also specific to their educational and personal goals and plans. While the curriculum includes traditional courses in literature and culture, it also incorporates thematic approaches to important current topics such as: German Regionalisms, Technology and Culture, Bestsellers in German Literature, and German "Krimis". We also offer courses in German cinema, Business German, contemporary issues, current events, and German-American relations. The list continues to expand. 

Technology in the German Curriculum

The latest information technologies play an integral role in the German curriculum. Lower division courses all either have an online component or meet once per week in the department's own Multimedia Language Learning Center. The lab provides language students with access to many new resources which can enhance their language experience and expand their cultural knowledge.

Many of our upper division German courses have online components. In addition, several courses incorporate a broad array of online learning resources, from online interactive vocabulary trainers and grammar exercises, to diverse audio and video resources and radio and news broadcasts, the latest information about current cultural and political events, and much more.