20 Ways to Maximize your Contact with German

  1. Attend the weekly German Conversation Hour on a regular basis.
  2. Take part in other German-related extracurricular events on campus, sponsored by the School of the Arts or the German Department.
  3. Watch Deutsche Welle news online, available in German, English, and many other languages.
  4. See German films offered on campus each semester or enroll in a German film course. Films are in German with English subtitles.
  5. Check out a German film from Meriam Library. They are available in the Limited Loan section. Many are in the process of being catalogued, so they may not be in the online library catalogue. But if it is on the list, the library has it, so don't be afraid to ask. Or if the library is closed, Blockbuster has several titles in German with subtitles. Check in the foreign film section.
  6. Learn about and listen to German bands and music online.
  7. For beginners: Listen to the online audio files at Allesklar and Treffpunkt
  8. Check out some German books from Meriam Library and read them. You will find lots in the PT section of the library. The library also possesses a few German newspapers and magazines, such as Der Spiegel and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Many German-language periodicals are available online.
  9. Buy some German books. They are readily available from the International Book Import Service via mail order. The price you pay is calculated at the exchange rate for the day and will include a shipping fee.
  10. Take advantage of the multitude of online opportunities to practice German, to hear real German audio, see and hear news broadcasts, and to access millions of authentic texts on a variety of topics. There is something for everyone online.
  11. Find a pen pal in a German-speaking country. There are numerous online opportunities to find interested partners in other countries.
  12. Chat with people around the globe in German or on German-related topics in a German chat room. The chat room is always open, but there is a weekly schedule for moderated chat.
  13. Read some German fairy tales. The complete collection of the Grimm Brothers' Märchen are available online.
  14. Participate in German Club and German program activities -- from picnics to gold panning, from hiking to film nights, and outings to German-related events such as Oktoberfest and German Christmas markets.
  15. Visit a German tutor in the Student Learning Center on the 4th floor of Meriam Library.
  16. Locate and befriend native German students on campus. Get involved in International Students' activities. You can learn lots from them both culturally and linguistically.
  17. If you are not already enrolled, take a German course. Note that German 020 may be taken concurrently with any other course following German 001. Also, some upper division courses have minimal or no prerequisites.
  18. Form study groups with students in your German classes. You can learn lots from each other.
  19. Take advantage of one of the the many study/work abroad opportunities at Chico State.
  20. Read German news online daily or subscribe to the German News listserv and receive the news every day via e-mail. It is available in both English and German.