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Chico State Giving Day

Results 2017

We did it!—Thanks to you

Image introduces the Special Report on Chico State Giving Day. The red and gray logo, which features a Kendall Hall illustration with a heart, is surrounded by red and gray icons that represent giving day. The text reads “Our inaugural campuswide Giving Day took place on November 28, uniting Wildcats near and far to support more than 100 worthy cause.” Total raised: $297,514, with 781 alumni giving $77,008; 581 friends gave $85,760; 472 parents gave $48,613; 301 students gave $14,189; 136 faculty and staff members gave $13,783; and 12 organizations gave $58,162. The Top Designations by Number of Donors for giving day was Chico Cares (Basic Needs Project), the Baseball Program, North State Public Radio, the Community Legal Information Center, Student Learning Center, and the Associated Student Gender and Sexuality Equity Center. Donors from 34 state contributed, which is displayed in a red and gray map.

A Video Thank You Message