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FALL 2016
Human Resources Service Center Update

The Human Resources Service Center (HRSC) has worked diligently this summer on a number of projects designed to improve the services we offer to the campus community. Our top priority has been, and will continue to be, to provide first-rate customer service in a timely, efficient, and helpful manner. While being mindful of the past, we are pushing forward, honestly assessing our department’s practices, streamlining where appropriate, and considering campus feedback along the way.

In-Range Progression (IRP) & Class Review
Process Improvement

The campus response to the last two climate surveys clearly conveyed the frustrations staff felt with the In-Range Progression (IRP) and Classification Review (Class Review) processes. As such, we have been working to refine our processes while maintaining the integrity of the reviews themselves.

We have reviewed internal processes and have begun drafting proposed changes. The focus of these changes are to improve timelines and enhance the feedback for reviews that were not approved, as well as to have greater involvement from stakeholders in these processes.

Changes under consideration include adjusting internal processes so that a division representative will be included in the IRP and Class Review decisions. These decisions will be made in consultation with the Classification and Compensation staff who are trained in classifying CSU positions. Please watch for more information to come.

We are happy to report that for fiscal year 2015/2016, the average length of time taken to complete IRP reviews was 43 days for both manager- and employee-initiated reviews, nearly 50 days sooner than the required completion date. The average length of time to complete Class Reviews was 60.6 days for this same time period, taking only one-third of the time allowed by most collective bargaining agreements. Please join us in recognizing the hard work of our Classification and Compensation team and appreciate this significant accomplishment.

Fiscal Year 2015–16 Statistics
Statistics for completed reviews, detailed in following paragraphs

In-Range Progression and Classification Review statistics have been compiled for fiscal year 2015–2016. In summary, 77.6 percent of IRP requests were granted, which resulted in base salary increases totaling $70,980. Additionally, 86.5 percent of Class Reviews were granted, resulting in base salary increases totally $103,344.

Launch of New Employee Resources Webpage

Graphic in line with text saying Year in Review from 2015 to 2016, 187 recruitments, 166 hires, 4262 applicants Our new staff are inundated with forms, retirement information, medical and dental insurance options, and they are trying to understand an unprecedented 13 holidays per year, plus an additional personal day off, union contracts, policies, procedures, training opportunities, and so much more. The Employment team gathered all of this information and created quick and easy links in one place for the convenience of our new staff. Please visit our New Employee Welcome page. This web page has become an incredibly useful recruiting tool as well. Managers can send candidates this link so that they and their family members can spend time navigating our benefits options, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Celebrating New and Current Wildcats

Speaking of our new Wildcats... have you noticed the monthly announcement listing the names of our new staff? We’d like to share a special thank-you to the amazing team in our Alumni & Parent Engagement Office who recently joined in the celebration of our new employees by sending them a Chico State pennant and a special welcome note from the Alumni Association. Continued appreciation goes to University Public Engagement, which generously provides discount event coupons to new employees who complete orientation.

Beginning in October, we have included the names of staff selected for a new role on campus. Thank you CSUEU for this suggestion.

Reminder: Recruitment Steps Are Online

You may recall that we provided a link to the recruitment steps in our spring newsletter. This web page is a tool for you: please provide input to the Employment team if you have questions or suggestions for improvement. We understand there are many steps involved in the staff recruitment process so we have done our best to provide up-to-date, step-by-step process instructions. Following a methodical process during recruitments is essential in our environment and ensures all applicants are handled in a fair and consistent manner when applying for jobs at Chico State.

The full site location is http://www.csuchico.edu/hr/employment/recruitment-guidelines.shtml

Training Schedule Online

Don’t miss out! The Training and Professional Development site is the new location for in-person and online training information offered by multiple departments on campus. Recently, we launched a new Schedule-at-a-Glance. Now you can plan early for training and take advantage of our numerous professional development opportunities since the schedule shows the offerings for the entire semester.

New to Chico State? Attend our Administrative and Academic Support Series, which are designed with input from the University Staff Development Programs advisory committee. Kudos to the committee for its guidance in helping us prepare for another tremendous year!

HRSC Staff Changes
Employee Leaves and Workers’ Compensation

In order to streamline processes and adapt to dynamic customer needs, the Employee Leaves and Workers’ Compensation unit is now overseen by Gloria Godinez, manager of Labor Relations, Compliance, Leaves & Workers’ Compensation.
A Photo of Sean Rough, the new Workers' Compensation and Leaves specialist Please join us in welcoming our new Workers’ Compensation and Leaves Specialist—Sean Rough. Sean brings a wealth of experience, with over 10 years in the insurance industry, including property, casualty, and life insurance, and prior employment with the State of Indiana’s Department of Insurance. Beginning this fall, Sean’s wife—Kendall Leon—joined campus as new faculty. Both Sean and Kendall are Chico State graduates. Go Wildcats!

With the retirement of Linda Vidovich, who served many years as the benefits coordinator and unit manager, Rebecca Cagle (Director of Payroll, HRIS, BITS, and Benefits) has taken on oversight of the Benefits unit. View our updated organization chart and feel free to contact us with questions.

Benefits and Front Office

We would like to recognize and honor two long-term employees who are leaving HRSC: Teresa Palacios (Benefits) and Mary Wrightson (Front Office). Teresa has an exciting opportunity off-campus and Mary plans to retire at the end of the year. Both have made significant contributions to our department, are experts in their roles, and will be missed tremendously. Please be sure to congratulate Teresa and Mary on their new adventures.

What You Need in the Workplace

Do you ever have a difficult time communicating with a colleague or sharing unmet needs with your supervisor? The campus provides online resources through LifeMatters that can be accessed from anywhere. Below is an excerpt from the article, “How to be Assertive in the Workplace.”

Be Vocal About What You Need
Let employers and supervisors know what you need in order to fulfill your job duties and expectations. For example, if you are expected to take on additional job duties, let the employer know the resources you’ll need to succeed. Talk about trainings, materials, extended deadlines, or what coworkers and supervisors could do to help; don’t keep quiet and risk becoming burnt-out or overworked.

You may also be interested in a related article, “How to be Assertive, Not Aggressive, at Work.”

Read more by following the steps below:

Go to https://members.mylifematters.com/, enter company password: csuchico. In the search box, type: assertive communication.

Employee Assistance

Many employees don’t realize that the campus partners with a confidential, off-campus, third-party vendor for our employee assistance program (EAP). So, what does the campus EAP—LifeMatters—offer? Setup of in-person counseling options, online self-help, a concierge service, and more. Call them directly at (800) 567-7474 for 24/7 assistance or questions.

What’s Next?

As President Gayle E. Hutchinson continues her 100 days of listening, we plan to be a resource regarding salary information, demographic information, and any other areas of importance. Stay tuned and watch for more information in our next update.

Thank you!

Sheryl Woodward
Assistant Vice President
Human Resources Service Center

  California State University, Chico
400 West First Street, Chico, CA 95929