Giving to Chico State

Frequently Asked Scholarship Questions

What is the difference between an annual scholarship and an endowed scholarship?

An annual scholarship may be established with a minimum gift of $1,500 and may be renewed each year with an annual gift.

An endowed scholarship may be established with a minimum gift of $25,000, which is invested with the University's endowment. A portion of the annual endowment earnings are used to fund the scholarship in perpetuity. Endowed scholarships may be established with an outright gift of cash or appreciated stocks, through a multi-year pledge, or a bequest.

May I name a scholarship?

A donor may name the scholarship when the amount given meets the minimum funding requirements for an annual or endowed scholarship. Scholarships are often named after the donor, company, organization, or to honor parents, professors, or other influential people in one's life. Alternatively, donors may choose to give to existing scholarship funds in the department or school of their choice using our online giving form.

May I have input into the selection of a recipient?

Scholarship donors may specify criteria to be used when selecting the recipient, such as preferred majors, GPA thresholds, whether the scholarship is based on financial need, etc. University scholarship selection committees, composed of faculty from related programs, use the donor's criteria when choosing student recipients who best fit the goals of each scholarship fund. Per University Foundation policies, our donors do not personally participate on selection committees. 

Will I meet my scholarship recipients?

Chico State strives to create opportunities for donors and scholarship recipients to meet. Many donors feel profound personal satisfaction when they meet the students whose education they made possible, and students are often eager to thank and meet their benefactor. Your college development officer or the scholarship and donor relations coordinator can help set up a meeting with your recipient.

What is the best way to make my scholarship gift?

There are a number of ways to set up a scholarship: an outright gift may be made via check or credit card. There may be significant tax benefits if the gift is made using appreciated securities. Will bequests can also be used to create opportunities for students. The University Foundation at Chico State is here to assist you with these options. Please contact scholarship and donor relations coordinator or call 530-898-4796.

How will Chico State carry out my wishes?

Chico State’s development staff will work with you to create a customized written gift agreement. The agreement reflects the purpose of the scholarship and recipient criteria. The agreement outlines the responsibilities of the University Foundation and Chico State in awarding the scholarship.

As a scholarship donor, what can I expect?

Chico State strives to keep donors informed about the campus, their scholarship recipient(s), and fund information. Scholarship donors receive the following:

  • All scholarship recipients are encouraged to send a letter of thanks which are forwarded by Chico State to their donor(s). In the absence of a letter, information about their recipient is sent
  • An annual scholarship report on the financial status of your fund
  • The University Foundation Annual report
  • Recognition on the University Scholarship website
  • Invitations to various campus events