Chico Team

Kaitlyn Baumgartner, Director, Academic Advising Programs

Jeff Bell, Professor, Biology; Assistant Dean, College of Natural Sciences

Rebecca Berner, Summer Orientation

Betsy Boyd, Professor, Agriculture

Dave Brown, Professor, Geosciences

Tracy Butts, Chair, English Department

Charles (CC) Carter, Director, Student Life and Leadership and CCLC

Teresita Curiel, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Robin Donatello, Assistant Professor, Statistics

Rick Ford, Chair, Mathematics and Statistics Dept.

Barbara Fortin, AVP Enrollment Management (Co-Chair)

Kelsey Harrington, Coordinator, Campus Alcohol and Drug Education

Ben Juliano, Interim Chief Institutional Research Officer 

Zach Justus, Associate Professor, Communication Studies

Bill Loker, Interim Vice Provost for Academic Programs (Co-Chair)

Kate McCarthy, Interim Dean, Undergraduate Education

Gary McMahon, Director, Chico Student Success Center, REACH

Nate Millard, Program Coordinator, First Year Experience Program

Andy Miller, Information Resources

Michelle Morris, Professor, Nutrition and Food Sciences, University Diversity Council

Megan Odom, Director, Career Center

Daniel Parks, University Registrar

Sandy Parsons, Director, Accessibility Resource Center and Student Judicial Affairs

Chela Patterson, Director, Early Outreach and Support Services

Dan Reed, Director, Financial Aid and Scholarship Office

Tray Robinson, Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Tom Rosenow, Director of Applications and Data Services

Paula Selvester, Coordinator, Liberal Studies Program

Jeff Trailer, Professor, Management

Angela Trethewey, Dean, College of Communication and Education

Josh Trout, Director, Faculty Affairs

Eddie Vela, Dean, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Mary Wallmark, Student Life and Leadership

Thia Wolf, Director, First Year Experience Program