Chico Graduation Initiative Effort: 2015 Target

CSU, Chico is a vibrant, inclusive learning community dedicated to academic excellence; the promotion of active learning, curiosity, and service engagement; and the celebration of a distinctive institutional culture.  It is widely known for its role in facilitating student learning and student success.  It provides students with the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes to become successful participants in careers, engaged citizens in a democracy, and thoughtful leaders in the global society of the 21st century.

Chico’s commitment to student learning and student success is operationalized through the recruitment, retention and graduation of a diverse and high-quality student population, the purposeful structuring  and nurturing of students’ total education, the maintenance of superior student support systems, and the systematic assessment and evaluation of efforts to promote student success.  These efforts and their outcomes are described on the web pages of the Chico Graduation Initiative.

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