Graduate Studies

Graduate Program Information

The Office of Graduate Studies uses the Academic Program Review (APR) process as part of a continuous effort to improve the graduate programs CSU, Chico offers. The following links are useful in understanding and carrying out the mission of increasing the effectiveness of CSU, Chico graduate programs.

General University and Graduate Education Information

University Mission, Vision, Values, and Priorities(opens in new window)

Graduate School Constitution (PDF)

Graduate Education Mission, Vision, and Goals (PDF)

Graduate Program Mission Statements (PDF)

Curriculum and Assessment Process Information

CSU Degree Proposal and Approval Process Flowchart (PDF)

Academic Department Manual(opens in new window)

New Degree Proposal Overview(opens in new window)

Faculty Proposal Checklist (PDF)

New Degree Proposal Template (DOC)

Steps in the Graduate Program Assessment Process (PDF)

Graduate Program Five-Year Assessment Schedule (PDF)

Degree Qualifications Profile Grid (PDF)

Graduate Program Performance Goals (PDF)

Graduate Council Reviewers' Guide (PDF)

CSU, Chico Academic Program Review (APR) Website(opens in new window)

 Information and Statistics for Assessment

Graduate Student Support Services (PDF)

CSUC Grad Student Completion Rates (PDF)

CSUC Grad Student Graduation Rate Chart (PDF)

CSUC Grad Student Completion Rates by Ethnicity (PDF)

CSUC Grad Student Ethnicity by Admit Year (PDF)

CSUC Ethnic Minority and White Grad Students Admitted (PDF)

CSUC Grad Student Alumni Working at Chico State (PDF)

CSUC Applied, Admitted, Enrolled 2009-2018 (PDF)

CSUC Graduate Student Enrollment 2009-2017 (PDF)

Evidence of Recent Graduate Student Research(opens in new window)

Percent 600-level Courses Required for Graduate Programs(opens in new window)