Graduate Studies

Goals and Objectives

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The goal of the Interdisciplinary Studies graduate degree is to offer graduate students a tailored experience that strengthens their professional advantage by creating a purposeful learning opportunity by allowing them to deepen their chosen academic or professional disciplines to align with their career goals. Interdisciplinary Studies creates a powerful learning experience for students that emphasizes collaboration, integrative learning, critical thinking, and creative problem solving skills.

  • Goal #1: Encourage IDST graduate students to create unique and significant interconnections between existing disciplinary perspectives. 
  • Goal # 2: Prepare IDST graduate students through coursework and meaningful research projects to acquire extensive knowledge of their chosen disciplines and fields.
  • Goal # 3: Assist IDST graduate students to gain expertise of scholarly research, theoretical application, critical analysis, and academic writing.
  • Goal # 4: IDST graduates will acquire advanced skills in writing and speaking.  
  • Goal # 5: Develop programs for IDST graduate students that prepares them for a wide-range of professional careers.