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Indicators of Success

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IDST employs a data-driven approach to determining the level of achievement of its mission and goals. The IDST Graduate Coordinator tracks IDST graduate alumni to see where they are in the world and what contributions they are making. The IDST Graduate Coordinator also conducts exit interviews. Finally, the Interdisciplinary Studies graduate program has admitted 56 students since 2009. The most notable achievements reveals itself in the number of theses and projects completed. The Interdisciplinary Studies graduate program has produced more theses and projects (69) than any other graduate program with the exception of Education (82). Several of our IDST graduates have gone on to further their education by working towards doctoral degrees at prestigious institutions across the country. Finally, our graduate faculty annually produce volumes of scholarly work and make creative contributions to their disciplines. The achievements of our graduate faculty—displayed bi-annually in the graduate studies newsletter—serve our students by meeting and exceeding the IDST program’s missions and goals.