Graduate Studies

Learning Outcomes

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  • Student Learning Outcome #1: Students have demonstrated a mastery of the interconnections between the program disciplines per the thesis and/or project per the Chico Digital Repository (CDR)
  • Student Learning Outcome # 2: Students have demonstrated mastery of both quantitative and qualitative research techniques per the CDR.
  • Student Learning Outcome # 3:  IDST graduates have developed the foundational knowledge necessary for professional success in their disciplines per the CDR.
  • Student Learning Outcome # 4: Students have demonstrated the ability to communicate orally with the passing of their thesis or project defense; the written communication skills have become manifest and assessed per the culminating activity of the thesis or project as revealed on the Chico Digital Repository.
  • Student Learning Outcome #5: Students have completed a comprehensive examination or other culminating activity as specified by the graduate advisory committee.