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Funding for Graduate Student Research and Conferences

Current graduate students may apply for funds up to $300 for conference presentation and travel or research (e.g. travel to libraries, purchase of equipment) within the United States. Applications will be accepted until the funds are fully disbursed.

Funds must be used in the period from fall 2016 to June 30, 2017.

For additional information, contact Rosemary White at

Application Process:

  • Submit a one page justification stating how the funds will enhance your research and specifically how they will be spent, including an itemized budget. When planning to use these funds for travel, you must submit at least three weeks prior to your departure because there are documents to process before you depart for the trip.
  • Include a brief letter of support for your research project or presentation from your graduate advisor or faculty sponsor.
  • State whether you intend to participate in the 31st Annual Student Research Competition.* See details at    
  • State the intent to apply for the Pre-Doctoral Scholars Program in spring 2017 or spring 2018.* Information on the Pre-Doctoral Scholars Program may be found at
  • Submit all materials to Rosemary White at the Office of Graduate Studies, Student Services Center room 460 (no application form is required).

*Note: Participation in these activities is not required to receive funding.