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Graduation Application/Clearance Forms

Graduation Application*

Graduation Application Form (pdf)

*Please note that applying for graduation and registering to participate in the Master's Commencement ceremony are two separate processes.

Graduation Clearance

Graduate Clearance Form 

Instructions for Completing the Graduation Clearance Form

(1) List all course numbers and titles as they appear on your academic record.

(2) Provide your email address and daytime telephone number where you can be reached while your graduation clearance is being processed.

(3) List only those courses that are to be counted toward the degree. Do not include prerequisites or extra courses that you have taken in addition to your degree course work.

(4) Complete the "Additional Requirements" section on the form by identifying the culminating activity required for your program.

(5) Print a copy of the completed form. Obtain the signatures of your graduate advisory committee and graduate coordinator on the copy before submitting it to the Office of Graduate Studies. Be sure to have your graduation coordinator also sign in the box to confirm your successful completion of the writing proficiency requirement for your program

You are invited to contact the Office of Graduate Studies if you have any questions about the graduation application process or your clearance for the master's degree.

Office of Graduate Studies
Student Services Center - 460
California State University, Chico
Chico, CA 95929-0875

Reapplying for Graduation

If you do not complete all degree requirements as originally planned, it will be necessary for you to reapply for graduation by submitting an Application to Reapply for Graduation and pay the refiling fee by the applicable deadline. Read more...

Application to Reapply for Graduation (pdf)