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Peace Corps Master's International

CSU, Chico offers two Master's Degree programs which combine traditional graduate studies with Peace Corps Service, giving students the opportunity to integrate their teaching and research with Peace Corps service.

Application Process 

Interested students should apply to one of the graduate programs below and the Peace Corps Master's International Program at the same time. Students who are accepted to the graduate program then complete the Peace Corps application process. Detailed information concerning the Peace Corps application is available from Peace Corps Master's International. You may also contact the CSU, Chico campus coordinator Dr. Sharon Barrios.                       

Graduate Programs and Curriculum (Peace Corps Advising Patterns):

MA in Teaching International Languages, TESOL Option

Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Hilda Hernandez

EDSL 610  Foreign/Second Language Teaching: Methods
EDSL 633  Foreign/Second Language Teaching: The Cultural Dimension
EDSL 635  Current Research and Developments in Foreign/Second Language Education
EDSL 636  Foreign/Second Language Education: Testing and Assessment Practices
EDSL 637  Curriculum Development: Foreign Languages/ESL
ENGL 470  Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition
Elective     400-/600- level elective in Linguistics
Elective     400-/600- level elective in Linguistics
EDCI 689   Professional Field Experience
EDCI 689   Professional Field Experience
EDMA 699  Master's Thesis or Project
INST 600   Peace Corps Capstone Seminar

MA in Education: Curriculum & Instruction Option

Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Ann Schulte

Fall Semester
EDMA 600    Critical Perspectives in Education
EDMA 610    Introduction to Inquiry in Education
EDCI  675    Digital Media and Online Learning

Spring Semester

EDCI  602    Assessment & Evaluation of Learning
EDCI  601    Curriculum Development & Instructional Design
EDCI  611    Analysis of Instruction
EDCI  689    Professional Field Experience

Departure for training in early June followed by Peace Corps assignment
2 years in the Peace Corps

Returning Semester
EDMA 611    Research Seminar in Education
EDMA 699    Thesis or Project (this may take an additional semester)
EDMA 697    Peace Corps Capstone

Infomation and application process for applying to the MA in Education.

Contacts: Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Faculty and Staff

For information concerning the Peace Corps Service experience, feel free to contact one of the RPCV - Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Faculty or Staff at CSU, Chico listed.

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