Graduate Studies

2017 Schedule of Presenters

31st Annual Student Research Competition

 Tuesday, March 7, 2017 from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. in Colusa Hall

Group 1: Interdisciplinary Undergraduate

PresenterPaper TitleFaculty Mentor

Connor Carr, Organizational Communication (UG)

Invisible Addiction: The Relationship between Social Norms and Behavioral Addictions

Amy Lance

Jimmy Monge, Environmental Science: Applied Ecology (UG)

Native vs. non-native riparian inputs to California stream communities: a comparative leaf decomposition analysis

Dr. Kristen Kaczynski

Jonathan Miller, Math (UG)

Minor Minimal Not Apex

Dr. Thomas Mattman

William Rein, Philosophy and Criminal Justice (UG)

How Students Form Opinions about Hard Drugs Such As Methamphetamine

Dr. Sue Hilderbrand

Kyle Rocha-Brownell, Physics/Computer Science (UG)

Artificial Neural Network Training through Simulated Natural Selection

Dr. Shane Mayor

Jordan Kay Ruth Tackett, Psychology (UG)

Memory for Words Differing in Lexical Confusability

Dr. Theodore S. Bell


  • Dr. Hannah Aird, Geo & Environmental Sciences
  • Dr. Zanja Yudell, Philosophy
  • Dr. Cheng Tu Hsieh, Kinesiology
  • Dr. Kurtis Kredo, Engineering and Computer Science

Group 2: Interdisciplinary Undergraduate

PresenterPaper TitleFaculty Mentor

Jessica "Jess" Candela, Political Science and Multicultural & Gender Studies (UG)

A Key to Student Success? Utilizing Civic Engagement Curriculum in Middle School

Dr. Nandi Crosby and Ellie Ertle

Youngseok Chung, Hojin Noh, Giyong Lee, Marketing (UG) and Soojoung Han, Psychology (UG)

Students’ Satisfaction on Campus Gym: Suggestions and Marketing Ideas for Improvement

Sohyoun Shin, PhD

Rebecca B. Galerne and Stormie Lanthier, Child Development (UG)

Are there any Differences between the Use of Cognitive Emotional Regulation Techniques and Reports of High or Low Emotional Competency?

Dr. Shelley Hart

Hailey Sherman, Child Development (UG)

Parent-Young Adult Relationship Qualities, Attachment, and Social Support

Dr. Diana Shepherd

Karlie Garcia and Jessica Aldrete, Child Development (UG)

Mediation between ACES, Perceived Stress and Perceived Stress Scores

Dr. Shelley Hart


  • Dr. Janell Bauer, Journalism
  • Dr. Shelley Hart, Child Development
  • Dr. Jennifer Malkowski, Communication Arts and Sciences

Group 3: Communications and Social Work

PresenterPaper TitleFaculty Mentor

Erika Anderson, Communication Studies (Grad)

Are You Listening to Me? The Influence of Community and Family on Political Expression

Dr. Stephanie Hamel

Aubree Bradford, Social Work (Grad)

Student Voices on Diversity and Inclusion

Dr. Susan Roll

Marcia Koehn, Social Work (Grad)

Policies and Their Implications for Masters in Social Work with Criminal Convictions

Dr. Susan Roll

Maria Olson, Communication Studies (Grad)

Reflections on Cuba: What My Professional Development Trip Taught Me about Intercultural Communication Competence

Dr. Stephanie Hamel

Kate Scowsmith, Social Work (Grad)

Making Sense of the 70%: Awareness of the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Score and Trauma-Informed Practices of Service Providers in Butte County

Dr. Patty Hunter


  • Dr. Sohyoun Synthia Shin, Finance and Marketing
  • Dr. Nan Li, Communication Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Jennifer Brundidge, Communication Arts and Sciences

Group 4: Business and Behavioral and Social Sciences

PresenterPaper TitleFaculty Mentor

Kevin Click, Psychology (Grad)

Turning risks into reward: Resilience, well-being, and early success inform achievement, and persistence toward a BA for disadvantaged students.

Dr. Leesa Huang

Chetan Kondeti, MBA in EIS (Grad)

Social Media Analytics to Understand People's Views about the Presidential Candidates

Dr. Arash Negahban

Carina Gutierrez and Carmina Vital, Applied Psychology & PPS Credential (Grad)

Universal Screening in an MTSS World: A School at Risk

Dr. Donna Kreskey

Claire Rankin, MBA (Grad)

5S Your Life Process Improvement Assignment

Dr. Christine Witt

Zhanna Kusmanova, School Psychology (Grad)

Neural Processes of Negative Thought Suppression

Dr. Michael Ennis


  • Dr. Robert Tinkler, History
  • Dr. Susan Roll, Social Work
  • Dr. Jennifer Wilking, Political Science

Group 5: Biological and Nutritional and Food Sciences

PresenterPaper TitleFaculty Mentor

Arturo Berrun, Biology (Grad)

Characterization of ism-1 in hematopoietic differentiation and proliferation

Dr. David Stachura

Pablo Diaz, Biology (Grad)

MicroRNA-375 has different effects between a and b cells

Dr. David Keller

Aithne B. Loeblich, EEO Biology, (UG)

Long-term Acoustic Monitoring of Bat Diversity along an Elevational Gradient in Northern California

Dr. Colleen Hatfield

Jesse S. Smith, Biology (Grad)

Growth receptor bound protein-2 (GRB2) overexpression expands myeloid cells and increases proliferation in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML)

Dr. David Stachura

Ed Slattery, Nutritional Science (Grad)

Novel effects of sulforaphane in the prevention and treatment of aggressive breast cancers

Dr. Lauren Housley


  • Dr. David Stachura, Biological Sciences Department
  • Dr. Jonathan Day, Biological Sciences Department
  • Dr. John Mahoney, Biological Sciences and Director of Honors Program

Group 6: Behavioral and Social Sciences

PresenterPaper TitleFaculty Mentor

Jacquelynn Coon, Anthropology (Grad)

Augmenting Reality: Improving Habitat Dioramas through the use of Augmented Reality Technology

Dr. Georgia Fox

Ginger Alonso, Political Science (Grad)

"Born in the U.S.A."? The Effect of Birthplace on the National Identity of American Citizens

Dr. Lori Weber

Valerie Sgheiza, Physical Anthropology (Grad)

An age-based approach to establishing minimum number of individuals in commingled juvenile skeletal material

Dr. Eric Bartelink

Dayne Gradone, Anthropology (Grad)

"It's About Value": Notions of Community and Sustainability at a Small Organic Farm

Dr. Jesse Dizard

Aurea S. Bolanos Perea, Political Science (Grad)

Electoral Participation and the Gender Gap in the United States

Dr. Lori Weber

Tamara Maxey, Anthropology (Grad)

The Incorporation of World Trade Center Artifacts into Community-Based 9/11 Memorials: A Case Study of Two Southern California Memorials

Dr. William Nitzky


  • Dr. Matt O'Brien, Anthropology
  • Dr. Matthew Thomas, Political Science
  • Dr. Darin Haerle, Criminal Justice