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Thesis or Project

Thesis or Project

Types of Culminating Activities

Most graduate programs require their students to complete a culminating activity to demonstrate their mastery of the discipline as well as their ability to integrate the learning from multiple courses. In some departments, students enroll in 699T or 699P units and complete a master’s thesis (699T), or a master’s project (699P). Graduate students should consult with their graduate coordinator for advising on their culminating activity options within their discipline. It is also highly recommended that each graduate student carefully review the requirements for their program in the University Catalog.

Master's Thesis/Project Special Instructions

Formatting Instructions:

The final format of a master's thesis or project is regulated by policies established by the Graduate Council at CSU, Chico. These policies require that specific University and departmental format criteria be met.

A Guide to Graduate Studies: Policies, Procedures, and Format: This online publication includes an overview of policies, rules, and regulations to help students quickly progress through their graduate program. It also provides the information necessary for the preparation, formatting, and submission of the final copy of the master’s thesis or project.

Private Formatters List: The Office of Graduate Studies encourages master’s candidates to format their own thesis or project. Workshops are offered throughout the year to assist graduate students in this endeavor. The Graduate Studies Office also maintains a list of individuals who offer their services as private contractors to assist with formatting of the master's thesis or project.

CSU Chico, Thesis Editor and Advisor:  The Thesis Editor and Advisor, Carson Medley, may be contacted at the Office of Graduate Studies to answer questions concerning the preparation and formatting of a thesis or project. Preliminary edits for candidates formatting their own document are offered throughout the early part of each semester (generally up to four weeks prior to the submission deadline for the semester).

Submission Requirements and Deadlines:

Semester Submission Deadlines: To meet a semester’s submission deadline, all master's theses/projects must be in final format, be signed by all committee members, and submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies by 5:00 p.m. The oral defense of the thesis/project should also be completed by this date.

 All master's degree candidates completing a master's thesis or project under 699 units must submit all of the following items as one complete packet, on or before the semester deadline.

  • One printed copy of the thesis or project.
  • Two original approval pages signed by all committee members, as well as the Graduate Coordinator if required by your department.
  • A fully completed and signed “Thesis/Project CD Submission Form” and a “Master’s Candidates’ Agreement” Thesis/Project Submission Form.
  • A completed “Thesis/Project: Chair’s Verification Sheet” Thesis/Project: Chair's Verification Sheet
  • One CD containing an identical PDF of the final approved thesis or project. CD Label Example

More detailed information on submission requirements is provided on the cover page of the Thesis/Project Submission Form.