Niche Marketing Proceedings

2003 Proceedings:


Final (pdf)

Case Studies

Ervins (pdf)
Market Survey (pdf)

Food Safety

CDFA (pdf)
Inspection & Grading (doc)
USDA Slaughter (xls)

Labeling Dist

Direct Marketing (doc)
Meat Labeling (doc)
Meat Packaging (doc)

Market Trends

Consumer Acceptability (doc)
MF-2432 (pdf)

Other Handouts

Aging of Beef (doc)
Beef is Back (doc)
Beef Products (doc)
Business Plan (pdf)
Business Plan (txt)
Case Studies (pdf)
Confused About Fat (pdf)
Develop Marketing Plan (doc)
Eat Wild Nutrition (pdf)
Econ Food Safety (pdf)
Econ Organic (pdf)
Facts Basics (pdf)
Focus on Ground Beef (doc)
Formulating Natural (doc)
fstea (pdf)
Great American Steak (doc)
Intro Summary (pdf)
Label 101 (ppt)
Meat (pdf)
Nutrition Label (ppt)
ODA Hamburger (doc)
Placer GFROWN 2003 (pdf)
Quality Approved (pdf)
R&D Ranch (doc)
Romance vs Reality (pdf)
Tenderness Value (pdf)
Who Eats Beef (doc)
Why Grass Fed (pdf)


Alt Beef (pdf)
Alt Meat (pdf)
Beef Tender (pdf)
Direct Marketing Goats (doc)
Efficacy Direct (pdf)
Farmland National (doc)
Mail Order Food (doc)
Patterson 2 (pdf)
Sierra Nevada Restaurant (doc)
The Mark of Quality (pdf)
Think Through (pdf)

2004 Proceedings:


Dan Niche Market 2004 Marketing HSB (ppt)
Glenn AM Niche meat marketing (ppt)
Glenn PM Alternative Feedstuffs (ppt)
David Merwin (doc)
David Merwin (pdf)
Roger Dakota Meats (ppt)
Roger Direct Marketing of goats (ppt)
Tammy NicheMeat Marketing (ppt)
Tom Meat Processing 101-WebBk (ppt)

2005 Proceedings:

Conference Proceedings:

Presentations and Handouts (pdf)

2006 Proceedings:

Cover & TOC (pdf)
Economics (pdf)
Cuts of Beef (pdf)
Processing (pdf)
Organic Livestock (pdf)
Grass Finishing (pdf)
Evaluation (pdf)

2007 Proceedings:

Workshop Handouts (pdf)

2008 Proceedings:

Registration form and schedule (pdf)