Mission and Goals

Welcome to the Informational Website on Grass-fed Beef

The purpose of this website is

  1. To provide a scientific review of the literature available on grass-fed beef
    a. Full nutritional review: is grass-fed beef healthier for you?
    b. Grass-fed production systems (in progress)
         · Effects of grass-based rations on carcass quality
         · Effects of forages on flavor and tenderness
         · Costs analysis and case studies

  2. To provide information on how to develop a label for niche marketing of beef products.

  3. To provide recipes for cooking grass-fed beef. The unique lipid profile calls for a different approach to cooking a grass-fed product.

  4. To provide updates on Grass-fed Beef Research
This website is a collaboration between University of California Cooperative Extension Service and California State University, Chico, for the purposes of providing scientific information on grass-fed beef. We would like to acknowledge the following funding sources for their support of these objectives.

California Food and Fiber Futures Project (CF3)
CSU Agriculture Research Initiative (AGI)
Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (WSARE)