General Grazing Information
(National Cattlemen’s Beef Association)
(Center for Integrated Animal Systems - University of Wisconsin, Madison)
(University of Wisconsin Extension)
(Purdue University Forages and Grazing Articles and Publications)
(Pennsylvania State University)
(Missouri State University “A Truly Green Pasture”)
(Mississippi State Extension “Developing A Grazing System”)

General Types of Grazing Programs


animals graze large land areas for extended periods of time


animals graze smaller land areas or paddocks for set amounts of time; each paddock receives a set graze and rest time period; for different types of rotational grazing see link “Developing A Grazing System”

Management Intensive Grazing

livestock and grass management practices that focus on increased levels of manager involvement, increased forage quality, increased meat produced per unit area, and more uniform forage utilization - USDA