Forages and Performance

Stockman Grass Farmer · California Forages and Their Use in Finishing Livestock
Grass-fed Meat Production School
Roger Ingram - University of California Farm Advisor, Placer and Nevada Counties
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 Annual Range Forage Production
1 (pdf)
 Annual Rangeland Forage Quality
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 Irrigated Pasture for Steers and Lambs
11 (pdf)
 Management of Cool-Season Grasses for Hay Production and Quality
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 Overseeding and Management of Older Alfalfa Stands
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 California Alfalfa Variety Trial Yield Results
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 Alternative Annual Forages - Now and in the Future
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 Harvesting Maximum Value from Small Grain Cereal Forages
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 Using Tritical and Annual Ryegrass in Cool-Season Perennial Grass GrazingSystmes
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 Triticale Variety Trial Yield Results
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 A Grazing and Haying System with Winter Annual Grasses
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