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This year we plan to show films all day at the Harlan Adams Theater (PAC 144) in addition to previewing some on KIXE-TV and

The list of films is subject to change so please stay tuned as our movie list continues to grow!!

American Experience: Earth Days
It is now all the rage, but can you remember when everyone in America was not “Going Green”? AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’s Earth Days looks back to the dawn and development of the modern environmental movement through the extraordinary stories of the era’s pioneers — among them Former Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall, biologist/Population Bomb author Paul Ehrlich, Whole Earth Catalog founder Stewart Brand, Apollo Nine astronaut Rusty Schweickart, and renewable energy pioneer Hunter Lovins.


Dirt! The Movie poster
DIRT! The Movie

Narrated by Jaime Lee Curtis--brings to life the environmental, economic, social and political impact that the soil has. It shares the stories of experts from all over the world who study and are able to harness the beauty and power of a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship with soil.

DIRT! the Movie is simply a movie about dirt. The real change lies in our notion of what dirt is. The movie teaches us: "When humans arrived 2 million years ago, everything changed for dirt. And from that moment on, the fate of dirt and humans has been intimately linked." But more than the film and the lessons that it teaches, DIRT the Movie is a call to action.



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Food, Inc.
The critically acclaimed 2009 hit documentary which gives audiences a vivid view of industrial food production; A system that in the last 50 years has drastically changed the American diet. Scrutinizing our national agriculture and food policies, the film examines why soda and fast food are now significantly cheaper and more accessible than fresh fruits and vegetables, and how this change has directly contributed to soaring rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes and other health problems.


Garbage Dreams Poster

Garbage Dreams
Garbage Dreams follows three teenage boys born into the trash trade and growing up in the world's largest garbage village, on the outskirts of Cairo. It is the home to 60,000 Zaballeen--Arabic for "garbage people." Far ahead of any modern "Green" initiatives, the Zaballeen survive by recycling 80 percent of the garbage they collect. When their community is suddenly faced with the globalization of its trade, each of the teenage boys is forced to make choices that will impact his future and the survival of his community.



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Journey to the Planet Earth: State of our Oceans
There are no easy answers or quick fixes for climate change. But when it comes to oceans, fortunately, there are communities in the world that are beginning to find new ways to stop the destruction of our marine environment by addressing the problems of overfishing and marine habitat destruction that end destructive behaviors before it’s too late. People everywhere are willing to find ways to strike the right balance, between what we want and what the oceans can provide. Though separated by distance and culture, for the six and a half billion people who draw sustenance from the rich diversity of the natural world, there are common bonds. Bonds that are renewed by each generation, bringing new ideas, new attitudes, new hope for the state of the world's oceans.


River of Renewal poster

River of Renewal
River of Renewal tells the story of conflict over the resources of California and Oregon's Klamath Basin. Over the years, different dominant groups have extracted its minerals, trees, and water with disastrous consequences, including the collapse of industries and of wild salmon populations. 

The film follows Jack Kohler, a Yurok/Karuk Indian who grew up in San Francisco, on a journey of self-discovery in the land of his ancestors. Jack learns about the ancient cultural traditions of his people and also their modern-day struggles to defend tribal rights and the Klamath River. 


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Turning Green LogoShort Subjects by Bruce Jans:
Award Winning Filmmaker Bruce Jans shares his work with three timely and entertaining short subjects from his series “Turning Green”, which focuses on recycling and sustainability:  “Pedal Power”, which shows how a music festival, bicyclists, and a little ingenuity combine to create a fun time while minimizing their carbon footprint. Other films explore the progress being made in the effort to recycle computers and reduce their contributions as e-waste to landfills, as well as the progress being made in utilizing alternative sources of energy, in this case wind-turbines. Visit the Turning Green Web Site at


Things to Come poster


Things to Come
H.G. Wells Classic about the future of the world, from a 1936 point of view. A story of 100 years: a decades-long second world war leaves plague and anarchy, then a rational state rebuilds civilization and tries space travel.






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Animated Feature Voices by: Fred Willard, Jeff Garlin, Ben Burtt
Walt Disney Studios; Directed by Andrew Stanton
Rated G; 97 minutes; 2008
© Walt Disney Pictures

What if mankind had to leave Earth and somebody forgot to turn the last robot off? The year is 2700 and WALL-E is a robot still spending every day doing what he was made for. Soon he is visited by a sleek robot named EVE whom he chases across the galaxy with a pet cockroach and a heroic team of malfunctioning misfit robots.


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