Thank you to our sponsors for your generous support!

 The Earl Foor Foundation
870 Manzanita Court, Suite A
Chico, CA 95926
The Foor Foundation was organized for the purpose of educating the people of California. Its aims are to provide education in the area of zero population growth and related environmental issues. Specifically, the Foor Foundation intends to educate the people of California on issues of over-use of natural resources, excessive pollution, lack of waste disposal, and related affects on the human population. We would like to thank The Foor Foundation for its continued financial support of this conference and many other campus projects and programs.


Chico News & Review Logo
The Chico News & Review has continued to support sustainable events in and around our community for several years running. Many aspects of this event could not have been accomplished without their continued and valued relationship with the University. We would like to thank the Chico News & Review for their generous support of the Greendance Film Festival this year!

CNAP LogoThe Center for Nutrition and Activitiy Promotion
The Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion (CNAP) was created in June 2006 to organize and promote various nutrition and health-related programs that service high-risk populations in northern California. The purpose of the Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion (CNAP) is to serve the nutrition, fitness, and health education needs of the CSUC service region residents and to promote substantial contact with service region communities. The Center will promote collaborative multi-disciplinary research among CSUC faculty and provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate student pre-professional practice, service learning, and research. We'd like to than you for your continued support of the Greendance Film Festival!


Enloe Plant a Tree Logo

Enloe Medical Center is committed to providing a nurturing environment where patients are surrounded by caring staff and supported by opportunities and resources that promote healing of the body, mind and spirit. Enloe's Board of Trustees and Administration chose to pursue the Planetree affiliation, finding it an exceptional approach to the delivery of care with technology, medicine and complementary healing. As an affiliate of the Planetree program, Enloe has begun to implement initiatives that address some of the components of Planetree and is making strides in identifying, developing, and implementing patient-centered care in a healing environment. We would like to thank them for their generous support of the Greendance Film Festival this year!




KCHO FM 91.7 and KFPR FM 88.9 are non-commercial non-profit organizations which are a service of California State University, Chico. They provide listeners with a vast assortment of programs reaching a diverse listening audience. They are affiliated with National Public Radio (NPR) and Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). We would like to thank them for their generous support and for the volunteers who gave so much of their time and effort into planning the Greendance Film Festival this year!


KCSC LogoKCSC Radio premiered on March 14, 1951 as part of the Speech and Drama Department in what is now Ayers Hall as a radio drama on the campus public address system.

In the early 60s Chico State's campus became another world after a handful of radio enthusiasts adopted KCSC and created the beginning of rock and roll radio in Chico. As the 70s hard-rock "thing" waned, KCSC listeners found a new friend in the Livewire -- DJs who would always play their requests. Always a few steps ahead of the trend, KCSC was named "Best College Radio Station" in a 1987 SPIN survey. To listen visit their web site at http://kcscradio.com/ Thank you KCSC for your support!


KIXE LogoKIXE-TV is a not-for-profit, community, public television corporation with the responsibility to serve the interest, convenience, and necessity of its viewing communities. Among its many educational missions, KIXE is charged to utilize new telecommunications technology to enhance the station's ability to serve the communities located in the ten-county area of superior California. We want to thank KIXE for their generous support of this year's Greendance Film Festival!



Bird Street Media Project
KRBS is a function of the Bird Street Media Project, a California non-profit corporation. Founded in 1999, BSMP is dedicated to providing education and experience in media to the greater Oroville community. Committed to cultural diversity and the promotion of community arts and resources, BSMP was developed by a group of Oroville-area residents. Erv Knorzer had fostered the idea to encourage redevelopment of the old downtown area into a center for local artisans and small businesses. In 1999 and 2000 he assembled what would become the board of directors of BSMP, with the first step being the development of a non-commercial community radio station. We'd like to thank you for your support!



KZFR is listener supported community radio for Chico, the Sacramento Valley, the foothills, and beyond!
Our diverse and eclectic selection of music, alternative news, and current affairs is almost entirely generated locally by volunteer programmers.  KZFR is also a Pacifica Radio affiliate, carrying popular national news programs Democracy Now! and Free Speech Radio News, supplemented with local news reporting.  KZFR serves underrepresented communities by carrying Latino and Hmong programs.


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