How You Get into GST

  1. Go to the Honor Program application web site, and download the application. (Adobe Acrobat Format).

  2. Check the box on the application form indicating that you are applying for General Studies Thematic. Fill out the rest of the application and write the essays.

  3. Mail the completed form and essays to:

      GST c/o Director, Honors Program
      CSU, Chico
      Chico, CA 95929 - 0115

Applications and letters received before May 10 will receive priority consideration for admittance to GST. Applications received after that date will be considered on a space-available basis.

How We Choose Students for GST

To find those students have the most to give and thus are likely to get the most from GST we want to know: Can they do the work and will they do the work? To answer these questions we use

  • GPA. (GST students have at least a 3.2 GPA and are qualified for college math and composition by being exempt from - by high enough ACT or SAT scores - or by having passed the EPT and ELM.)

  • Application essays.

  • Conversations in person or a phone interview.


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