Common Student Questions

Will I work harder in GST than if I just take a 'normal' schedule?

GST students do not have more work assigned than do freshmen outside GST. However, there is this difference: since all the faculty in GST know what each assigns, they space their assignments so that the work is constant instead of cyclical with slack periods and frenetic periods in which, for example, three papers and two major exams are demanded in a two day period. This boom-bust cycle is familiar to high school graduates. Since it also afflicts most college students, GST students seem to think that they work harder because they have few slack periods. When GST students look around their residence halls they report seeing a lot of students who don't seem to be doing too much. Either those students are in a slack period or they are part of that fifth to a quarter of the freshman class which will end up on academic probation by the end of the year. Through making assignments interesting, giving students prompt feedback on assignments, and establishing a supportive community of students who share the same classroom experience, we make it easier for students to do the studying they need to do to succeed.


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