Itinerary for SF Field Trip

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Wednesday, October 29, Fall 2003

  • 7:00 Be at the east end of Holt Hall to ride buses to Walnut Creek BART station. Donuts, bagels and juice at about 9:00 at Dunigan rest stop.

  • 10:00 Catch the SF-Daly City BART train. One comes every 15 minutes. The fare will be about $4.00. Bring crisp $1.00 bills and change.

  • 10:30 Disembark at the Embarcadero Exit, the first exit after the Trans-Bay tube. Then make these four stops following the map:
    1. After disembarking at the Embarcadero exit, go left up the Drumm-Spear St. escalator. You are at the Cable Car Terminal. Just north is the Hyatt Regency. Go into the Hyatt Regency and take the escalator to the main lobby on the second floor. Spend about 15 minutes or so here gathering data for your work sheet. Then look at the Embarcadero Plaza outside the Hyatt to your right. It is between the Hyatt and the Bay. Does it work as a public plaza in the sense that the public is using it?

    2. Walk up California Street about four blocks to the 400 block. At 400 California Street look at the Bank of California. Go in, look around and up at the coffered ceiling. Gather data for your work sheet. At 485 California Street inspect the Security Pacific Bank in the same way.

    3. If you want a cable car ride, go back to the Cable Car Terminal and catch the cable car to Grace Cathedral at 1100 California Street; the cost will beat least $2.00. Otherwise walk on up California Street to Grace Cathedral -- about a 15 minute fast walk. On the way:

      • Stand by the "Heart of a Banker" sculpture on the plaza in front of the Bank of America and look across the street to the Fireman's Fund Building, designed by Philip Johnson. Look to the top. This is Post-modern.

      • Look at old St. Mary's Church at the corner of Grant and California, which is at the entrance to Chinatown.

      • Look south on Grant Street at the post-modern Marriotts Hotel down on Market Street. This is more Post-modern. What makes a building Post-modern as opposed to Modern?

    4. After leaving Grace Cathedral, you may want to eat your bag lunch in Huntington Park across the street. What you don't eat the pigeons will. Then go back down California Street, the way you came, to Taylor Street. Turn south (right) on Taylor. Proceed five blocks to Geary Street. Turn left on Geary and eventually on your right about mid-block you will find the Geary Theatre.
  • 1:45 You must be assembled as a class for entrance to the theater where we will see Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. We have to go in as a group because we may have to check all backpacks, cameras and recording devices as a group. You will not be allowed to take food or drink into the theater.

  • 5:15 After the play, we meet in the lobby of the theater as a group to reclaim our belongings.if necessary, and to get some directional orientation. You are on your own with several other students until 7:30 to sight-see and get dinner. You may want to go to Chinatown where you should be able to find a Chinese restaurant with big tables and reasonable prices. To do so continue east on Post street several blocks to Grant Street. Go north (left) on Grant. In three or four blocks you will be in Chinatown. Be sure to stay in groups. Exercise good sense. Be smart. A trip to the morgue, hospital, or police station is not part of our itinerary.

  • 7:30 At the Powell and Market Street BART station take the Daly City-Concord train back to Walnut Creek. (If you miss this train we will have to wait twenty minutes for you at the other end because trains run only every twenty minutes this time of night.) Again the cost will be about $4.00 and you will need $1.00 bills and change.

  • 8:00 Board vans at Walnut Creek BART station for trip back to Chico.

Details to Remember:

  1. Be at the east end of Holt Hall at 7:00am.

  2. Lunch: Bring a sack lunch and something to drink. If you live in a dorm, you can have your dorm prepare you one, if you notify the dorm early enough.

  3. Money: Bring a minimum of $8.00 in $1.00 bills or quarters for BART. Change machines will not accept $10 or $20 bills. If you want to ride the cable car up California Street you will need another $2.00. Bring money for at least one dinner in San Francisco.

  4. Clothing: You will not be able to change after we leave Walnut Creek until we return there, so start the day in versatile clothes and carry whatever you'll need for the whole day. Wear comfortable walking shoes; there are about four miles of walking, some of it on very steep hills. Women should not wear short skirts; in the neighborhood through which we might be walking, short skirts say "hooker." Men should not wear short skirts either. If it looks like rain, wear or bring appropriate clothing such as a poncho or rain coat.

  5. Safety: Stick together in groups of at least two or three and use common sense. We repeat: the hospital, the police station and the morgue are not on our itinerary.

  6. Commandments:
    • Be on time.
    • Always be with someone.
    • No drugs or drinking. Anyone caught doing either will face disciplinary action.
    • Act as civilized adults ought to act.


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