Congratulations GST!
Celebrating its 33rd birthday!

November, 2005
When was the last time you actually cared about what you were learning?   In GST you'll find yourself raising your hand, debating with other students, connecting material with the world around you because you want to understand!   GST gives you the chance to shine as an individual.   You aren't just another name on the roll call;   you're an integral part of the classroom, where your voice, talents and ideas are valued.

Forget memorizing from a textbook, GST offers you the chance to get actively involved in learning.   Make your own cave-painting, see a Shakespeare play live, see how your brain works, experience through doing.

Yes, GST is challenging, but its rewards are incredible.   I'll always remember my first year of college; GST was the most fun I ever had while learning.

-- Kathleen McHatton, '04 - '05, English Major

November, 2005
I worked really hard in high school, taking all AP courses with the intention of going to a UC.   GST offered an incredible education for a much more manageable tuition.   GST was the only program offered at any college that offered me special benefits and attention as a freshman.    Instead of being a small fish in a big sea, I received so much one-on-one attention.   I established deep connections with my professors and to this day it is to them I go for educational guidance.   They know my personality and have helped me establish myself on campus and find direction.

The personal connections I made in GST are greater than any type of acquaintances formed in my large jumbo classes.   This really helped me my first year away from home.    And now I find that meeting GST students from other years around the university gives one an instant connection to other people.   You don't get to know people very well in most classes.

The education I received in GST has changed the way I look at the world.   GST personalizes the education.   You learn so much about yourself.   The interdisciplinary curriculum, small classroom setting and one-on-one professor relationship has improved my thought process and oratorical skills that have helped me in so many different areas of my life.

-- Lindsey Shirah, '04 - '05, American Studies Major

November, 2005
My year in GST was by far my best year in college.   First, GST integrates subjects and provides real-world skills and almost finishes off your GE.   Second, the connection of the faculty and students made GST really awesome.

-- Taylor Bass, '04 - '05, Political Science Major

November, 2005
I have yet to experience elsewhere the quality of education provided to me in GST.    Even in math and science fields, the balanced education you get in GST will help you solve problems from and enlightened perspective.   Lectures are really discussions, not monologues. In high school I hated history.   Now, I'm a dual major in history and physics with a 3.5 GPA thanks to GST.     And, I now have a better understanding of what is going on in my other classes than other students because of my year in GST.   I can see how things fit into the history of civilization.    Finally, I can't think of another person in GST that I'm not still friends with.

-- Preston James Countryman, '04 - '05, Physics & History Major

November, 2005
If it were not for GST I would not have come to Chico State.   GST was a private school level education at state cost.   I have never known my professors as well as I know GST's; and none of my professors have known me as well either.   They cared if we understood.

Seeking an education that integrates knowledge is much more useful [than one that gives only unconnected bits.]   Having the integration of subject matter makes it easier to study and understand the depth and importance of all subjects.  

Because of GST and the way I finished my lower division general education I have the time to study abroad for a semester and take on a second major.

-- Shondra Hadley, '04 - 05,

January, 1998
Congratulations on the 25th year of GST! After spending three years in Montreal and a year in India, I am back in California at UCSB's College of Creative Studies finishing my bachelor's in art. Although I would classify myself as a highly distracted freshman, I want to thank you and GST for the excellent background in Western culture that serves and informs me to this day. I find I am way ahead of most students in my upper division art history classes because of my comprehensive understanding of the way events, art, science, and political thought progressed (regressed?) over time. Anyway, well done. I hope you are enjoying this year's current crop of students. Is there any way to get news about what happened to my year's students? Say Hi to Dave for me! Onward and Upward!

-- Elaine Rudis, '88 - '89, Art Major

December, 1997
My freshman year of college was by far the best, most difficult, most enlightening year of my life. When people ask me about GST, I just don't where to start. GST is such a diverse, well-rounded program, there is definitely something for everyone. The professors are unbelievably dedicated and their lectures and assignments prove it. How often do you see professors observing other professors lectures so they can relate their own material and help the class make connections between the two lectures? In GST, this is a regular event. It's not very often that you will be on a first name basis with your professors either. The professors in GST are unique in many ways -- their personal connection to their students being just one.

I recommend GST to anyone who is willing to work a little harder in exchange for the best, most comprehensive and enjoyable education they will ever get. GST is a unique opportunity that allows you to finish your General Education in one year while gaining such a thorough understanding of the materials that you will be referring back to your GST notes for the rest of your college career. GST is not something you should let pass by!!

-- Amy Y. Wright, '95 - '96, Liberal Studies Major

December, 1997
GST was truly a challenging opportunity and a growing experience. Going away to college can be a very confusing event and GST had a definite stabilizing effect. We learned so much about our community, our college, our history, and ourselves in general.

[The teachers] made us all feel very comfortable and gave us a home away from home. The field trips were great and opened our eyes to things that we had never seen before.

GST provides students with a relative view and connection to our world's history and makes them open their eyes and minds to the future. I owe GST a lot for teaching me things I've never learned before and now will never forget.
GST is a wonderful beginning to the rest of your life!

-- Stacey Biggs, '95 - '96, Biology & Psychology Major

December, 1997
I will always value my experiences in GST. As a freshman 500 miles away from home for the first time ever, I really believe it was the perfect transition from high school to college. It serve as a wonderful opportunity to make friends, outside of the dorms, and since most of us were still "friendless" at the beginning, I think we became like siblings. Spending an entire year together (we had no choice after all!) on long bus rides, field trips, traipsing around San Francisco in packs, creating pathetic and sometimes incredibly inspired art work, building and launching various objects with varying success, celebrating two or three birthdays a week, etc. -- etc. really conjured a dynamic you don't get in your average fifty minute general education course. Another thing you don't get is the seamless, streamlined view of the world that GST gives you, one in which "the big picture" is constructed from all different mediums and perspectives at the same time. The relationships that are established with fellow students and professors are truly one of a kind. I am still in touch with most of my GST classmates and professors. It's great!"

-- Whitney Chebegia, '95 - '96, Psychology Major

December, 1997

GST was the best thing I could've done for myself freshman year. I got most of my GE classes our of the way; I developed a close knit group of friends who helped me adjust and fit in; and I have group of professors who have consistently helped me out both academically and with things like job and scholarship applications. I keep in touch with the professors and most of the students from my class.

GST also prepared me for what was to come. I have developed a strong background in the liberal arts and every on-campus employer and advisor I’ve talked to has told me that GST students o the whole are more well-rounded and prepared than others. If nothing else, it looks good on a resume.

I would certainly recommend GST to any incoming freshman who is willing to work hard and reap huge academic and social benefits from this outstanding program.

-- Erin Hunter, '95 - '96, Graphic Design major

December, 1997
GST was a wonderful experience. As it wasn't publicized much and I didn't know anyone that had been in it before, I was not aware of it until my Freshman Summer Orientation. Our tour leader told us about it and I was intrigued, so I talked to Kirk Monfort about it at the orientation. I was apprehensive at first and unsure if I would enjoy it, gut as I look back on the year, I am incredibly glad that I decided to enroll. The program is wonderful, combining five or six academic disciplines each day. This program is the definition of an inter-disciplinary program, and is extremely effective. The work is difficult but manageable and prompted us to form extremely helpful study groups before all of our midterms. I met some wonderful people in this class, most of whom I still keep in touch with. Three of us participated in the London Semester Abroad Program the following year and enjoyed that as well. Chico State has some wonderful opportunities for those who take advantage of them. Utilize these programs and you will not regret it!

__-- Libby Schaffer, '95 - '96, Pre-med & Art major


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