Career Opportunities

Department of Health and Community Services
California State University, Chico

With this degree your work could include:

  • Using a variety of methods to encourage healthy behavior.
  • Acting as a resource person to provide accurate and appropriate health information.
  • Advocating for health related issues, funding, and program
  • Developing health education materials.
  • Assessing individual and community health needs.
  • Developing, implementing and evaluating health education programs.
  • Coordinating health education activities with other community agencies.
  • Managing health education programs, personnel and funding and other resources.
  • Writing and implementing grants.
  • Building community coalitions for a healthier community.
  • Identifying health resources and referring individuals to health services.
  • Developing mass media and social marketing campaigns.
  • Mobilizing communities for change.
  • Working with individuals and populations from diverse backgrounds.
  • Influencing health policy.

You could work in one of these settings:

Medical care settings

Community-based organizations

Non-profit organizations

Schools and educational settings

Businesses and corporations

Health Insurance companies

Consumer advocacy groups

State & local public health departments

Federal governmental agencies (such as the CDC)

Many of our students go on for higher education in the following options:

Master Degree in Public Health focusing on Health Education, Community Health, Epidemiology,

Health Administration, Health Policy, or Health Promotion

Master Degree in a social service such as psychology, human services, or family relations

Masters in Social Work

Registered Nurse

Physical Therapist

Occupational Therapist

Dental Hygienist



Radiological technician

Ultrasound or MRI technician

Physician’s Assistant

PhD in Public Health 

Common job titles of our graduates include:

AIDS Educator

Alcohol Educator/Counselor

Cancer Information Specialist

Cardiac Rehab Specialist

Case Manager

Community Health Educator

Community Outreach    Coordinator

Community Organizer

Community Services Director

Corporate Fundraiser

Corporate Fitness Coordinator

Cultural Competency Trainer

Diet Counselor

Director of Volunteers

Disability Evaluator

Domestic Violence Educator

Donor Services Coordinator

Drug Rehabilitation Specialist

Elder Nutrition Coordinator

Elder Services Director

Eligibility Specialist

Employee Assistance Program


Environmental Advocate

Environmental Educator

Epidemiology Assistant

Events Coordinator

Family Life Educator

Family Planning Counselor

Family Services Specialist

Fire Prevention Specialist

Fitness Counselor


Grant Writer

Grassroots Organizer

Head Start Health Specialist

Health Advocate

Health and Safety Specialist

Health and Wellness Coordinator

Health Education Director

Health Counselor

Health Education Coordinator

Health Education Specialist

Health Educator

Health Information Specialist

Health Journalist

Health Marketing Coordinator

Health Promotion Programmer

Health Resource Specialist

Health Workshop Instructor

Healthy Start Coordinator

High School Teacher, Health*

*Upon completion of Credential Program

Health Media Consultant

International Health Worker

Media Specialist

Medical Supply Sales Rep

Occupational Health and Safety Director

Patient Education Coordinator

Patient Educator

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Prevention Program Director

Program Evaluator

Program/Events Coordinator

Program Resource Coordinator

Program Specialist

Protective Services Worker

Public Information Specialist

Public Health Inspector

Rape Prevention Educator

Recruitment and Training


Rehabilitation Counselor

Reproductive Specialist

Safety Educator

Senior Services Coordinator

Sex Educator

Social Services Coordinator

Support Services Supervisor

Teen Outreach Coordinator

Teen Parent Educator

Tobacco Educator

Volunteer Services Coordinator

Well Baby Educator

Wellness Coordinator

Wellness Consultant

Women’s Health Director

Women’s Shelter Director

Worksite Safety Educator

Youth Educator

Youth and Family Counselor

Youth Outreach Coordinator

Youth Program Specialist

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