Environmental Activism

Each year environmental classes take a leadership role in two major campus cleanups:  Scour and Devour and Diversion Excursion. They also do "spot checks" on litter throughout the campus.

A group of students doing clean-up.

Students showing 20 minutes of cleanup along the west side of our campus. This "spot check" shows we still need to remind our campus community to respect our environment. 

a group of students a local kids cleaning up the community

Students team with local kids to cleanup our community.

a student preserving a

Students work with local environmental groups to preserve sensitive biological areas.

students marching for environmental awareness

Students march for environmental awareness in local parades.

a student working with a compost bin

Service learning and environmental health means making compost, worm bins, and creating a sustainable foodsource.

a student looking at and smelling compost

students doing an environmental skit.

Students bring the environmental message to the community through environmental theatre. This skit is on the dangers of common cleaning projects.

local school children appreciating the environment

Students bring an appreciation of the environment to local school children.