Learning Objectives

What does it mean to be a environment health major? What should a health education graduate know, be able to do, and believe? The program's learning objectives, which are based on national standards, are intended to answer these questions.

Students will be able to:

  • Monitor environmental status to identify and solve environmental health problems.
  • Identify sources of information necessary to monitor environmental status.
  • Compile environmental status information into appropriate reporting forms or documents for professional use.
  • Perform monitoring procedures to indicate environmental status.
  • Interpret monitoring test results to diagnose environmental problems and hazards.
  • Present the results of monitoring tests in an appropriate way to a wide variety of audiences.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of procedures in environmental programs.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of environmental program interventions.
  • Utilize technology effectively in the creation of environmental work products.
  • Create effective education materials concerning environmental health issues.
  • Present effective educational programs on environmental health issues.
  • Form community partnerships to identify and solve environmental health problems.
  • Assess policies and plans that support individual and community environmental health efforts.
  • Act as an activist for environmental issues.
  • Evaluate laws and regulations that protect the environment.
  • Act as a resource person for individuals and groups needing environmental health services.
  • Research innovative solutions to environmental health problems.