10. Vernal Pool Plants of the Northern Sacramento Valley—CD-ROM

Studies from the Herbarium, California State University, Chico is a non-profit endeavor through which professional and amateur botanists study and document the rich flora of Butte County and Northern California. Studies from the Herbarium emphasizes floras and ecological studies involving the plants and plant communities of Northern California.

a CD with yellow flowers on the front

by Robert A. Schlising and Caroline J. Warren

  • 1 CD-ROM
  • December 1999, ISBN 978-0-9726953-7-4
  • Out of print

This interactive CD-ROM, intended to be used for the identification and enjoyment of vernal pool plants, includes keys and photographs to aid in the identification of species in vernal pools from the northern Sacramento Valley of California. There are full color photographs for about 140 of the 155 species, subspecies, and varieties of plants included in the CD, plus brief descriptions including the common and scientific names. The list of species is as comprehensive as possible for pools of this area. In addition to the sections with photographs and brief descriptions of vernal pool plants, there is a section of this CD-ROM which shows views of representative pools at different times of the year. For Macintosh and PC.