College of Humanities & Fine Arts

Learning Outcomes

  • G=Goal
  • SLO= Student Learning Outcome

G1.Graduates will have an understanding of texts from a wide array of genres.
SLO1a. Students can read texts from a wide array of genres using a variety of critical reading practices.

SLO1b. Students can identify the characteristics of specific genres and a range of terms and categories specific to genre-study in the field of English.

G2. Graduates will be familiar with a range of texts across different cultures and different time periods.  

SLO2a. Students can read and interpret a range of texts from American, British, and international cultures.

SLO2b. Students can identify the changing contexts of writing in English, from medieval through contemporary times.

G3. Graduates will master the formal styles of writing, revising, and argumentation that are used in the field of English.

SLO3a. Students can write clear, concise, rhetorically effective, reasonably error-free prose for a variety of purposes and audiences.

SLO3b. Students are able to draft and revise their own written work.

G4. Graduates will be able to extend what they have learned in the classroom to experiences outside of the classroom context.

SLO4. Students take part in English-related activities offered outside of classroom contexts, including dramatic productions, public lectures, literary readings, and internships in community settings.

G5. Graduates will understand how to apply the information they have learned in class to their future teaching experiences. (English Education only)

SLO5a.Students can demonstrate ways of adapting teaching strategies from courses they take to courses they will teach.

SLO5b. Students show how to use the current California Content Standards for English when developing classroom curriculum.