College of Humanities & Fine Arts

Goals and Objectives

  • Development of professional and marketable mastery of communicative skills in one or more languages other than English;
  • Appropriation of linguistic skills, transferable selectively to a wide range of practical options, including – but not limited to – mass media, higher education, travel/leisure enterprises, the performing arts, teaching, diplomacy, law enforcement, military intelligence, the space program, business/marketing, international banking, politics, the Peace Corps;
  • Acquisition of knowledge of, and sensitivity about, one or more literary and cultural heritages/traditions other than those of English-speaking communities;
  • Internalization of the principle of diversity as one of the cornerstones of personal, national and international relationships, and promotion of its inherent values in the world at large;
  • Achievement of a high degree of information literacy, by accessing national and international sources, and judicious evaluation of the same for form, value and content.