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Indicators of Success


Student Learning Outcome

Sample and Sample Size


Percent of Students Achieving

SLO #1

HIST:  490-Seminar: Historical Research and Writing (2 sections; 18 papers written in each section) SAMPLE SIZE:  18 papers, 9 papers from each section.

Three faculty members read all 18 papers and assigned one of three ratings:  high achieving, achieving, or not achieving.

14 of 18 papers were rated as high achieving or achieving.  77.8% mastery

Analysis / Interpretation of Results

  1. See Assessment Data Summary below for the Ad Hoc Assessment Committee report.
  2. In HIST 490, the instructors administered a Senior Majors Survey (See Appendix 3) and a total of 34 students (28 completing their major program and graduating in May 2006) completed the form. Students were asked to rate the program on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 indicating being well-prepared to master an SLO. The History Department received an average score of 4.59 on SLO #1, the highest level of the program's seven SLOs. Only one student rated his preparation to master this SLO lower than 4, assigning it a 3

Planned Program Improvement Actions Resulting from Outcomes (if applicable)

History will retain this assessment data for use in improving its major after the first cohort of students have completed the program under the new requirements appearing for the first time in the 2005-2007 catalog.  Actions such as revising courses, curricula, or other learning support mechanisms would be premature before then because the majors under assessment would be completing requirements no longer in place.

Planned Revision of Measures or Metrics (if applicable)

The Ad Hoc Assessment Committee will report to the History Department early in the Fall Semester 2006 with recommendations regarding revision of measurement mechanisms.