College of Humanities & Fine Arts

Goals and Objectives

Graduates of the CSU, Chico Program in Humanities will

  • Possess an appreciation of the nature, scope, and historical contingency of the development of Western and select non-western cultures, including intellectual traditions, the arts and architecture, and language and literature.
  • Understand how various academic disciplines (including philosophy, religious studies, history, languages and literatures, art, music, theater, and anthropology) are effectively employed in the study of the humanities and material culture.
  • Understand how the humanities inform and are informed by various dimensions of human experience and knowledge, including social organization, politics, religious belief, economics, science, and gender and ethnicity; and how various humanities disciplines are used to better understand these.
  • Acquire the skills of critical reading, listening, and reasoning that foster conversation and the study of the humanities
  • Develop the ability to communicate effectively in speech and writing in a variety of formats.
  • Master the research skills and methods appropriate to the contemporary study of the humanities, including library, internet, and field research.
  • Develop proficiency in a modern language or classical language
  • Pursue studies in the humanities in another country or culture through a study abroad program.