College of Humanities & Fine Arts

B.A. in Philosophy

The discipline of philosophy provides you not only with an historical understanding of human culture, but also with training in the art of thinking. Philosophy leads students to develop the ability to comprehend, analyze, and reason about abstract ideas, and this ability carries over to everyday life and future careers. Philosophy majors do very well in admission to law and medical schools. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the study of philosophy can have a considerable impact on the student's personal life. Socrates stated that a sense of wonder marks the philosopher, and becoming a philosophy major may help students develop just such a sense in their own lives. There are two options in the philosophy major:a general option, and a pre- graduate school option, designed for students who pursue graduate studies. There is also a Philosophy and Law Advisory Pattern designed for students majoring in philosophy who wish to attend law school after the baccalaureate and a Certificate in Critical Thinking.