College of Humanities & Fine Arts

Goals and Objectives

  • For our students to understand the foundation principles of art and/or design.
    • In Art Studio this takes the form of design concepts.
    • In Electronic Arts this takes the form understanding the relationships between design, media, aesthetics and content.
    • In Interior Design this is simply an awareness of basic artistic theories and practices.
  • For our students to have the ability to discuss artwork relative to conceptual and historical concepts.
    • In Art Studio and Electronic Arts this can happen to varying degrees in oral, written and/or visual formats.
    • In Interior Design this includes understanding design theories as related to human needs and constraints, design history and cross-cultural design.
  • For our students to understand and utilize the characteristics of their chosen media.
    • In Art Studio this includes the development of conceptual and technical skills in one or more media as they relate to personal expression.
    • In Interior Design this includes the ability to further design strategies; including programming, use of fabrication materials and solving design solutions in architectural environments.
  • For our students to develop their creativity as used for personal expression.
    • In Art Studio and Electronic Arts this includes in-depth use of creative expression in one or more media.
  • For our students to be prepared for professions and/or further study in the visual arts or interior design.